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DataTel Times August 2013
Posted by:DataTel Communications, July - 26 - 2013

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Video Conferencing – High Def and Low Cost!

DataTel Boise Video ConferencingDataTel Communications is one of a very select group in the country that  is allowed to offer the LifeSize® video conference programs. Because  advancements in virtualization and improvements in technology, it never been easier or cost less to HIGH DEFININTION (1080p) Video (UVC). And this is much more than something for conference rooms. It  present on up to 50 devices at a time like Androids, PCs, IPads and, so full and true mobility has come to video conferencing. Now every worker in every location and on every device is connected. What is extra cool that LifeSize® has the full range of products and you get a free 30 day trial no obligation whatsoever. If your group has ever considered video and training, you absolutely must see a demonstration. It is a great, great tool.

Clients and Friends

DataTel Boise Chris DominiakThe gentleman to the left is Mr. Chris Dominiak, the  Senior IT director with Norco – a fast growing, Boise-based company with over 1,150 employees and 70 locations. He has great
insight, so allow us to present it in its totality.

DataTel - Clients and Friends: Norco

“Norco has been a DataTel voice/phone system
customer for years, so when IT was charged with selecting a new phone system for our organization, DataTel was an obvious candidate. However, since the phones were previously not part of IT support and I had not personally worked  with DataTel, I was somewhat skeptical of their ability to deliver the appropriate solution (as our plan) was to leverage in a new technology (Unified Communications) that would help Norco bridge some of the communication gaps that existed between branch locations spread out all over the Northwest.”

“I was familiar and pretty much sold on most of the big (telecom) players in the  market, but DataTel brought a new player into the game: Mitel. This proved to  be the right fit for Norco. We were able to layer the Mitel product into our  existing virtual environment. NO new hardware to support or invest in equals cost savings and ROI!!! Not only did DataTel come in with the right  solution they came in with a winning attitude. Why do I mention winning  attitude and not price? Price is critical, but I believe it takes the right attitude  in order for an outside company to implement and support a new technology  within an organization the size of Norco. From both a financial and deployment aspect this was a win-win for us! Overall, Norco was able to reduce operating costs, reduce support overhead, and increase communication  throughout our organization!”

Chris has lived in Boise since 1994 with his wife and four children. He coaches football, soccer and baseball, and he also played semi-pro football with the San Diego Storm.

Thank you, Chris. This serves to remind that we do everything the global telecom providers do, but with a local touch, pride, and yes, a winning attitude  that the giant telecoms companies simply do not understand.

Chris Dominiak is at 208-336-1643

Know Your DataTel(er)

DataTel Boise VoiP Phones Tom McKnight

If there was ever a man built for Idaho, it’s our Tom McKnight. He’s an avid (nay, rabid) outdoorsman who squeezes all the recreational opportunities possible out of this beautiful state. Alas, Fishing the West doesn’t pay the bills, so Tom has worked 22 years in the telecommunications industry – the last 8 years at DataTel. “I came to DataTel because when I worked for a single service telecom, it was all about the ‘turn and burn’ of new customers then on to the next. At DataTel I build relationships over years.”

Tom and his wife Lisa have three kids – ages 16, 17, and 23. Tom also has  great passion for his customers. If you’re ever on the South Fork of the Boise River and see a fellow who is highly skilled with a fly rod and wearing a contented smile on his face; it may very well be Tom.

We are your one-stop/really smart communication solution.





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DataTel Times July 2013
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