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DataTel Times September 2013
Posted by:DataTel Communications, August - 23 - 2013

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There are many phone systems in the market. And there are some groups that  are more than happy to slap in a system, take payment and wish you a pleasant  day. We here at DataTel Communications are a positive bunch and do not disparage any competition. But we have no hesitation pointing out the reason  we’ve been in business for half a century, continued to grow during the downturn,  and are having our greatest year ever is the simple fact that we have the best products, service, support, and team in the entire region. We also provide the best possible pricing on systems engineered only after consultation with the customers to understand needs for today and five or ten years down the road.  Yes, we’ve lost deals because of a price but as the old saying goes: “If you can’t  make a sell, make a friend.” That is what we do and why have a host of clients who purchased lower cost systems that later came back to DataTel for a solution that works, for which we are humble and grateful. Along those

… (not yet a) client but a certainly a friend

DataTel Customers Business Phones - VOIP BoiseDataTel Business Phones - VOIP Boise, MeridianJoe Boren IT Director of Drake- Cooper Advertising “We recently evaluated replacing our aging phone system. We worked with several providers. In particular, DataTel really spent a lot of time with us, evaluating, learning our process and creating a solution that met our needs, not just their sales goal. In the end, we decided to keep what we have and re-evaluate at a future date. When we do, our first call will be to DataTel. Their attention to detail, professionalism and focus on meeting OUR business objectives gave us a lot of confidence in their team and ability to complete the project, when that time comes.”


DataTel - Upgrade Your Business Phone SystemsRemember your first car? Let’s say it was a 1982 Ford Granada Wagon (ahem). It had everything a guy needed…three speed automatic transmission, AM/FM  cassette player…OK, maybe it wasn’t a babe magnet, but at least it wasn’t a Pinto!

If we were told, back then, the features available in today’s cars, we would have been amazed. So it is with phones – especially IP phones. With that in mind, when it is time to trade-in your metaphorical Granada (older phone system) for a new model, there are two classical traps to avoid: Buying something with features you’ll most likely never  use or getting something that works for today and becomes a brick later when more phones or features are needed.

DataTel products migrate, which means there is always a path forward with our  older platforms. Our principal phone systems are basically software-based. If  more features are needed, it’s a function of dropping in an application. Not buying a lot of new hardware.

You might have scars from being forced to take your dates out in one of the  more lame vehicles ever foisted upon America (ahem) but that will never be the case when you consult with DataTel on your flexible communication system.

Know Your DataTel(er)

DataTel Business Phones - VOIP, SIP, Boise, MeridianThat sunny voice many readers have experienced  when calling our offices belongs to Karen White.

She began with DataTel in November of 2000 (Rookie!)  and started in accounting but moved into customer service, dispatching and reception shortly thereafter. Karen is that one person every company has who can fill-in for about anyone. She enjoys working with customers and technicians, but what makes her really indispensable is that she can fix the copier! Donald Trump’s son couldn’t have more job security! Karen recently celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary with her husband Alan. They live on a farm in Kuna  where he manages a feedlot and grows cattle feed (again, with the job security!) All three of her kids live locally which keeps the grandkids close at  hand. Besides her fervent passion of all things BSU, Karen also loves to read – made easier by her new Kindle. She also teaches Sunday School to four and
five year old children.

If you’re having a tough day, go ahead and give us a call. Karen will cheer you  up in 10 words or less.

We are your one-stop/really smart communication solution.

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