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DataTel Times October 2013
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Download PDF Version of DataTel News October 2013 – Dawn Busch at TitleOne

DataTel VOIP Network Management

Here’s a frightening number: Over 50% of businesses who use IP phones DO NOT  have a firewall to protect the phone system that is connected through the internet (The “I” in IP). Voice is carried in the form of data “packets” over the web. What the bad guys do is target IP addresses and barrage that address with a flood of packets that can slow or even crash the entire system. This is called a SIP attack and it can come from a basement in Bangladesh or anywhere in the world. In fact, we were the target of an attack. Happily, our firewall protected the network from corruption and crashing. Smart firewalls can also protect phones that are off-site
of the main office and when connected through a SIP trunk.

We offer WatchGuard; an outstanding firewall and a great value. Most data  groups also provide firewalls for IP phones, but we pride in knowing all things telephony. Whatever direction you take, please do one thing: make sure your IP phone system and network is protected like your business and proprietary data. If it isn’t, give us a jingle and we’ll get you to the safe side of the wall.

Client and a Friend

DataTel Client - Dawn BuschDataTel VOPI Client Title One - BoiseDawn Busch is the System Administrator of  TitleOne – an Idaho mainstay with six (soon seven) major offices across the Gem State. Dawn has been a Network Administrator for over 16 years (she must have started her career when she was seven.)

Recently, DataTel deployed a virtualized phone system-wide for TitleOne under the  direction of Dawn, and she was kind enough to share the arc of the process.  “When we considered vendors, we looked for the quality of the product, integration with our existing systems, service and support and cost. The solution had to be user friendly and enhance productivity.”

SPOILER ALERT: After a serious review of many vendors, TitleOne chose DataTel and the virtualized (VMWare™) Mitel 3300 platform.

When the decision was made to go with DataTel, the deployment process began “Barbara Monihan (our install coordinator and training specialist) laid out what a good implementation plan might look like and your (engineer’s design) of the  solution allowed us to discontinue two of our PRI/T1 (effectively cutting TitleOne’s phone bill in half). “Barb is great and so thorough and the techs are friendly and fast. The cut-over happened over night so it did not impact our customers.”

After the very successful implementation came the hands-on training for the  many features the platform provides “Our management team use ‘twining’ (office phone calls ringing to cell phones) and the ‘Hot Desking’ is used more  and more (logging into any phone throughout the TitleOne network from any  office location or work-from-home environment.) “Clearly, customer service is your priority. The local service from local people is excellent.” Dawn also likes the remote programming DataTel provides. “We’ve hired new people and have had a lot of moves. Being able to just send DataTel an e-mail to have the phones re-programmed is very accommodating.”

“DataTel has done a great job of communication. Throughout the process I could always reach out to Jim (Pace), Barb, Scott (Langdon) – everyone there has been so responsive.”

Dawn was born in Shelby, MT (Population: Very few and often cold) and attended Montana State University (Go Bobcats!) She got her fill of the East Coast while in New Jersey as Brett, her husband, attended Rutgers (Go Scarlet Knights!) earning his PhD. They moved to Boise when he started work at Micron. Both Dawn and the Mr. are private pilots and 12 year-old son Jackson is a burgeoning engineer. The Busch family enjoys everything the area has to offer. “Boise is the perfect size.” You’re pretty awesome yourself, Dawn.

Dawn Busch is at 208-287-5341

Know Your DataTel(er)

Loyal readers know that the average tenure of DataTel employees is 15 years. Well,  hat number is going down as we are bringing in some young blood on DataTel Employees Boise - Jeremiah Robinsonthe technician side of the house. Jeremiah Robinson is one of our two new technicians. Mere weeks after being hired he was off to Arizona for advance training and certification on Mitel products. Jerry…er…Jeremiah lived about everywhere as his dad was a Marine but eventually settled with family in Boise with his wife Brieanne and now 12 week old son, Raylan. Prior to joining DataTel Jeremiah worked with Verizon in network support; today he marvels at the difference in work environments. “Datatel is a tight-knit organization I feel welcome and I can approach anyone with a question – I love the company culture.” We’re glad you’re here, too, young Padawan. You have large work boots to fill. Listen to your mentors as to the ways of elders and the telecom
force will always be with you.

We are your one-stop/really smart communication solution.

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