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DataTel Times November 2013
Posted by:DataTel Communications, November - 06 - 2013

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DataTel Boise Hosted MicrosoftExchangeAn important part of most small and medium-size businesses is  Microsoft Exchange which integrates mail, contacts, calendar and the  like. In the past this has been a simple, server-based program. However, like many computer functions, Microsoft’s latest version is  increasingly “cloud managed” – in other words, the box in the closet will no longer  house the new Exchange versions. There are many options and vendors associated  with migrating and updating your business’ Exchange and this is where DataTel shines – we give you choices. We will visit to find out exactly if, when, and how  a cloud-managed Exchange makes sense and then we’ll find your best pricing possible from the many carrier groups that offer the service.

Phone, Data, Internet – all elements of communication are converging. Now, more than ever, businesses really need a trusted partner that work as a true agent for the business they represent to find the best solution. Hey! That’s DataTel Communications! It’s what we do every single day! And it is a free service.


Client and a Friend

Rockitecture DataTel BoiseChris Hill is the founder and president of Rockitecture. His company’s work can literally be found from coast to coast. “We use sandstone from behind Table Rock to make a full-sized range of engraved, painted and sealed stone art and signage.” This includes very large ‘Welcome to (your city here)’ stones to their current marketing smash “Fan Rocks” – which leave no doubt of your team allegiance. Rockitecture has a presence at Boise Town Square and an off-site marketing group which both require direct communication and that’s where DataTel comes in. “I can transfer calls or page (a remote location) with a single push of a  button. What sold me on DataTel was expandability and (DataTel’s) help putting together a great leasing package. I love only needing to buy a phone to expand our network – and your customer service is really good.”

Chris is aggressively pursuing licensing agreements with sports teams nationwide.  We will be with Rockitecture every step of the way – and that is (ahem) in the  stone.

Chris Hill is at 208-373-7625

‘My Birthday in Twin Falls’
DataTel Birthday TwinFallsMarie Hyde, our Twin Falls  office manager, Randy Kerr, our long-time lead technician and #2 in Twin Falls and DataTel Communications itself all celebrate 50 years of active, full lives and making things better for those around them.  Our Twin Falls office opened in the early 70’s to attend to the East side of the region. Since then DataTel has become the provider of business phones for folks in Blaine, Gooding and Jerome County (including the counties themselves), Agri-Service, Rangens, Glitners, Partners in Health Care among many other  happy accounts. The Twin Falls office motto is “Have trucks will travel” and they regularly service Sun Valley, Utah locations and even Winnemucca, Nevada because, well, someone has to.

Know Your DataTel(er)
DataTel Valkyrie LomanValkyrie Loman has taken on the new position  of Networking Manager here at DataTel. In her capacity, Valkyrie will bring years of telecommunications management experience to a team of highly skilled professionals. This group provides our customers superior direction and service when selecting programs related to  phone and internet options with every major  provider – and at no cost! As agents, DataTel network folks know the lay of the land and ask the right questions to get the best deals. We present performance enhancing and money saving programs to businesses when they appear and basically remove all the headaches associated with shopping for and managing phone and internet companies. (Not that they’re not nice people.)

Ms. Loman was raised in Twin Falls, attended the College of Southern Idaho (Go Golden Eagles!) and has been in the telecom industry since 2000. Valkyrie has four daughters: Alexandria, Jessica, Abigail and Lillian and she just became a grandmother!

Valkyrie also happens to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie – she loves roller  coasters, sky diving, baking cookies (no mitts) and she plans on BASE jumping next year. Valkyrie Loman may be looking for excitement but we’re thrilled right now that she is with us. Valkyrie represents DataTel’s continuous efforts to bring the best people and products into your hands and support your business growth.

We are your one-stop/really smart communication solution.


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