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DataTel Times January 2014
Posted by:DataTel Communications, January - 07 - 2014

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Gold Under The Street

DataTel FiberOptic ConnectivityAmong the most valuable  building improvements you  can request or provide is Fiber Optic Connectivity. This is the  fastest, most scalable and most reliable communication bandwidth.

“Fiber” performance is vastly superior compared to traditional copper telecom and data lines. Using fiber means  that capacity and speed will  never be an issue – or a reason  to move for that matter.

DataTel Communications (rah) is your agent and advocate. There is no charge for our service  to find and manage the best possible fiber optic solutions into a building. And we continue  our service after the deployment by facilitating any change or expansion – for free! We  continually monitor competitive rates and advise/consult on this most important element of  property and business development – the communication backbone.

Why Fiber Optic – The Business Case

  • You enjoy secured access to bandwidth and speed that supports the latest
  • communication technology – and anything in the foreseeable future.
  • This allows business growth without an artificial ceiling created by a lack of capacity.
  • Bandwidth can be quickly increased so you can be extra agile – never miss an
  • opportunity.
  • A fiber backbone is easily networked – which is very appealing if you have a strong
  • growth curve.

For over 50 years DataTel Communications has been the region’s leader in
telecommunications and carrier services. DataTel facilitates better, faster and more
robust communications solutions – so there!

Clients and Friends


DataTel_Materials Testing & InspectionDataTel_Materials Testing & InspectionThese happy folks are Brad Tanberg (controller) and Vicki Blocher (H.R. Director) of Materials Testing and Inspection with facilities in  Boise, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Ontario, OR and Walla Walla,  WA. Normally, Brad and Vicki’s disciplines are not the ones making  enterprise communication platform decisions but because their old  phone system was failing in chunks, they got together, did their homework starting from square one, and moved forward with  DataTel. “The product demonstration was important (and) Jim Pace  (DataTel’s sales engineer) really instilled confidence.” Said Brad. Vicki shared, “I was scared because the last phone system we had was NOT a good experience but everything went really well with DataTel.” This installation required unexpected cabling at two locations and some  flexibility because of issues unique to any particular location – Agile DataTel rolled with it and  stayed on the budget. “All regions are very pleased with the installation and the final product.”  Materials Testing now enjoys extension dialing between locations, a conference system that  really works and (because of our carrier service team) twice the internet speed in the Idaho Falls location at half the cost. “You guys are awesome.” We feel the same about you too,  Vicki and Brad. It is our sincere pleasure to serve and be your partner in this stuff.

Know your DataTel(er)..while there’s still time..!

“Should Auld Acquaintance be Forgot;” is a familiar expression  around this time of the year, but we don’t want that to be the  case right now.

Mike Otter has been with DataTel for a long time and he has the  unmitigated gall to leave us after 30 years to go golfing – like in  Ireland and Scotland – and to spend more time with his wife
Karen, his boys Brent and Brian, and his granddaughter, Victoria.

(Mike might say otherwise, but we believe this is the correct  order.)

“Mike has been an excellent employee and wonderful friend,”  says Rod Richardson, co-owner and Vice President of DataTel. While it is doubtful that these words will make Mike take it any easier on Rod on the links, it  remains heartfelt. Mike is Idaho born, worked a bit in Los Angeles and after a short time, came  back to his senses and Idaho. Scott Langdon, co-owner and President of DataTel shared “Mike will be truly missed – he’s been an integral part of DataTel for 30 years.” “Mike taught me everything I know” said Marie Hyde, the third DataTel owner and manager of our Twin Falls location (and if that is the case, Marie clearly squandered her public education.)

All of us at DataTel wish Mike the very best but we also hope he gets bored and comes back
now and again so the decades of good-natured verbal abuse can continue.

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