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DataTel Times February 2014
Posted by:DataTel Communications, February - 20 - 2014

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Feeling the Love at DataTel

‘Oh, Idaho, how do we love thee? Let Us Count the Ways…’

DataTel Love - Thank You! VoiP Business PhonesFor Keepin’ it local by supporting our Boise and Twin Falls offices and the many people who have called Idaho home since they were born.

For trusting our skills and abilities to deploy, support and manage systems throughout the US and Canada.

For providing our technicians those unexpected but always welcomed treats and beverages on after-hour deployments.

For giving us the chance to show how good we really are at this thing and the privilege to earn your trust and respect.




Know your DataTel(er)

DataTel Dave Philbrook - VoiP Business Phones - BoiseWashington State native, David Philbrook had spent the previous nine years in Arizona until his aching heart and outrageous electrical bills brought him back to the northwest.  Mr. Philbrook joins veterans Tom Gohlke and Phil Pickett in  the sales and customer support of the hardware associated with communications. David’s wife Emma works for a major player in the micro-chip production industry while their children are either in school, in the work force, or darn well better be deciding which one they want to go for because  they sure as heck can’t sit around the house once they’re out of high school.

Mr. Philbrook has deep experience in capital sales and business program development
which serves DataTel well in larger applications and network. He also doesn’t take
himself very seriously – however, his customers’ needs he takes VERY seriously.

DataTel Phone and Internet Management
Class of 2014

DataTel Internet and Phone Management

Does anyone actually enjoy pouring over phone and internet bills for accuracy? And how many take the considerable time to find the best communication options  at the best price – or even know when an auto-renew contract expires?

And when it’s time to move or expand your business, no one looks forward to homework needed to discern and document options or having to be the ‘project manager’ on the timing of things and resolving the inevitable issues that come up with installing new services or transferring existing ones?

At DataTel, we have folks who know this stuff inside and out.
They will take care of all your dial-tone and internet
management needs – and at no cost!

  • We know the questions to ask to get promotions. 
  • We know the lay of the land – not all areas accommodate all programs. 
  • We know about the latest programs and technology. 
  • We give you an unbiased opinion and present all options. 
  • We are local – not a Call Center Rep with a product to sell and a quota to meet. 
  • We craft long-term relationships and must understand your business. 
  • We save you money.

IT IS A FREE SERVICE, PEOPLE! You pay nothing (e.g. zilch, nada, goose-egg) for us to be your personal telecom advocate – so please call.

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