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DataTel Times March 2014
Posted by:DataTel Communications, March - 11 - 2014

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When disaster strikes – DataTel is so there!

DataTel When Disaster StrikesA major assisted living provider suffered  a ruptured pipe taking out their entire  phone system – 250 rooms, over 50  administration phones, faxes, credit card  readers, and the security gate went down across the 16 acre campus. The customer reached out to DataTel; not only for a quick solution, but also one that made sense for the future. Our pretty darn amazing techs fought through closed freeways, bad take-out and phone cabling that was literally dripping wet to install the Mitel 3300 MXe III system.

To make all this happen, DataTel did what we do: Worked over a weekend and into a holiday to craft the solution. Our coordinator gathered the raw programming information. Our programming techs hand entered all the line and extension data because the existing system was truly fried and we could not pull off any internal records. Our logistics director arranged for expedited shipping for specific drop locations and times.

DataTel - Mitel-MXe-IIIWe filled a service van to the gills and hit the road  going west. The mess and removal of the old system was just the beginning of the deployment and 16 acres is a lot of ground to cover, but our people were focused and undaunted. The job was done right the first time, on budget and ahead of the projected time for service delivery.

This story is illustrative of what our new customers are happy to experience and our established have come to expect.

Our products are great – but other folks have good hardware, too. Our technology is  cutting edge, but other companies can provide many of those features. What separates  DataTel Communications from every competitor in our sector is the deep-running pride in what we do and the expectation that no one will be more responsive, more passionate about results, and more attentive and collaborative to the specific needs of a single customer. Every client is different. We do not presume your business model or dreams of expansion. We listen first and if and when we need to move fast, we do exactly that.

Keeping You Connected…in a good way

DataTel TimeSavings Devices

What most of us dislike about “time savings devices” is that they really don’t save time.  Time can’t be compressed, but we can sure stuff work into a day.

If the above chart is to be believed, most of us have our nose in our device a lot.  Therefore, it makes total sense for calls and e-mails that would otherwise pile up in the office voice mail, Outlook’ box and calendar to go directly to our devices as it happens.
This way you can attend to items directly and for this DataTel has a two great tools:

Dynamic Extension allows your office number to ring up to eight different devices at the  same time. If you are at your desk and need to hit the road, you can push a button and transfer that desk call directly to your cell phone – or vice versa.

Copy/Forward converts voice mails into e-mail. This allows for much better information  management and retrieval of important verbal messages.

Clients and Friends

DataTel Clients - WPSWestern Power Sports was founded by Ray Brandt in 1960 as a distributor of the then  new Polaris snow-machines. (The wind-cheating 1960 model is shown.) In 1980 Polaris began direct sales so  WPS changed their business model to parts supplier for  all types of outdoor recreational equipment.  Smart move as they now
have over 600,000 square  feet of warehouse space in five states that DataTel Clients - Rody Cummings - WPSDataTel WPS Snowmobiledistribute over 125,000 parts. DataTel has enjoyed a relationship with WPS since 1993
and IT Director Rody Cummings has been around for most  of it. The simple phone we placed in ’93 is now a full-on  customer contact center and networking hub for the WPS  offices and warehouses across the country. “(DataTel) support is not just with the hardware, but the carrier (dial-tone and internet) service as well,” says Rody. “If we ever have an issue anywhere about any phone service, we just call. We feel so comfortable (the about the job getting done) we don’t even think about it!

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