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DataTel Times April 2014
Posted by:DataTel Communications, April - 02 - 2014

Download DataTel Times April 2014 – Shelly at Cesco

DataTel Times April 2014

Most folks understand this proverb to mean over-focusing on small amounts of money causes one to lose sight of the big picture – which can be expensive.

When it is time to buy or enhance your business communications you really should call  the guys on the other side of this newsletter. Why? Well, besides being pleasant and conversant on many subjects, their job is to help craft solutions that actually do the job  and result in real savings and expanded business capacity. There are basic delivery  options in communications like traditional digital, VoIP and hosted/cloud systems and  each has it’s place depending on a bunch of factors: The size of an operation(s), how long you will be in a certain space, is there a mobile salesforce, are there work-from-home needs, is call recording and reporting helpful?… The list is long.

What may appear simple can bite and you could be missing a ton of features that would  really help your business that cost only a few bucks. It’s our job to clearly understand you expectations, share what we know and then present options. We are very good at this thing.

“There is nothing more expensive than a cheap Mercedes”. Let DataTel Communications help point you in the direction you want to go.

Know your DataTel(er)

Know Your DataTel(er) - Robert WalkerYukon Cornelius, we mean Robert Walker, started with DataTel  sometime before last Christmas. Reportedly a world-class snowshoe athlete and gemologist, Robert is also skilled in all manner of telephony (that’s pronounced tel-EFF-ah-knee, not tel-AH-phony) and brings a quiet manner, dry sense of humor and goodwill into our happy group.

Robert served in the Air Force in the North Pole and other  combat areas working with communications systems. He plays and loves baseball and small woodland creatures – especially those with noses that you would even say “glowed.”

DataTel Communication’s Hardware Heroes

DataTel Communication's Hardware Heroes


Don’t be fooled – April 1st or any other day! DataTel has the most experienced sales staff  in the valley. And because of annual training on the products we sell, our team is fluent in the latest technology – a standard that many of our competitors, and even the Girl Scouts, do not require. Note: Can’t go wrong with the Thin Mints.

Technical knowledge is dandy, but you can’t teach the 95 years of collective work in consultative sales – 47 years of that at DataTel – our heroes carry into every conversation.  We don’t “sell” – we listen and collaborate on clients requirements of today and expectations decades down the road. Someone suggested we put “account collaborator” and/or “client listener” on our business cards, but that’s just goofy. We’re happy being account reps and trust folks understand the distinction.

Clients and Friends

DataTel Clients CescoWe have found our business soul-mate in the form of Cesco, Both of our companies are 50 years old, built upon long-term relationships, have great teams of highly trained career employees, carry the best of products (John Deere and Mitel) and have customer service as the backbone of our business models. DataTel Customers JohnDeereShelly Munger is Cesco’s Controller and is deeply connected to Idaho. She was raised on a ranch in Ola (3rd generation) DataTel Clients Shelly Madisongraduated from BSU, and embraces all the out-door opportunities the State provides.  Shelly has a lot to share; “I truly believe that DataTel has provided us the best possible advantages and cost savings for our company. There is a very strong trust in this relationship that
works well for Cesco. DataTel has provided support in all areas of tracking and maintaining our phone lines and systems (at three Idaho locations) keep us up-to-date, and help us provide the best for our customers.” Shelly concluded with, “We truly rely on all of DataTel’s knowledge and expertise in their field to accomplish our customer service goals.

DataTel equipment weighs pounds, verses tons and we push along voice and data verses  dirt, but beyond that, we are very much (and proudly) like Cesco. Thank you, Shelly!


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