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DataTel Times May 2014
Posted by:DataTel Communications, May - 01 - 2014

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DataTel News May - VoIP It's Complicated But Not

We buy big ticket items only when we’re comfortable, typically after doing the homework, comparing options – due diligence if you will. This came to mind the other day when looking at some financial products. All the options, terms, payouts, tax-free, tax deferred, transference – ugh! and there are so many new financial “products” from just 10 years ago! Comparing them was impossible because we just didn’t know the strengths and weaknesses of the providers and programs, which gets us to the point of this passage: The Trust Equation. My spouse has a friend who has been a financial advisor for a very long time. She is very knowledgeable, a great communicator and let us know she’d be happy to help if and when we wanted to visit and left it at that. No pressure.

Now fast forward a decade and a move later. We were slogging through the complex (to us) retirement and investment options when it dawned that we know a person who studies products, shared honest expectations of performance and connected to our goals with the best path forward.

So it is with phone systems and new communications options. Even IT folks are surprised at the changes and new products found in telephony as it has become increasingly merged with data processes. DataTel Communications is that trusted expert – the one that listens without bias and makes the complicated digestible so you can feel comfortable in your choices.

A half a century of continuous operation and growth speaks to the trust we’ve built throughout the region. We’d be happy to help when you want to visit.

DataTel Team -  TimDowns

Know Your DataTel(er)

Tim Downs is the newest member of our happy and growing cabal. Tim  comes from the world of IT (information technology, not Irving, Texas). His great strength is in system networking. This is important as more systems require data processes such as IP phones, firewalls and cloud deployment. Tim’s skill set is exactly what keeps DataTel on the cutting edge of communication. Tim has two great kids and a very solid golf game. He’s humble and will tell you that “my handicap is me” but rumor has it that he’ll deploy the ‘foot wedge’ (kidding).

Mr. Downs is a man who goes the extra mile to achieve the best outcome.  Tim’s great skills in systems makes our company that much stronger for your business needs, so I guess you could say that we just upgraded your communications and IT department – you’re welcome!


Clean up Your Room! (Ok, mom…)

DataTel Clean Up

Years of adding phone and data equipment can result in messy and unmanageable “com  rooms”. Not only do we install great stuff – we will clean out that which is not needed if you wish. Our technicians would make any mother proud!

DataTel Cleanup Years of Phone Cabling

Client and Friends

DataTel Clients and Friends J.D. ByriderThe folks at J.D Byrider on Chinden Blvd in fashionable Garden City wanted an affordable phone system that would accommodate their growing volume of calls. Manager James Barger was tasked with finding the best system (“Hello DataTel…?”)

Our Phil Pickett zipped out to their dealership and shared a range of options. After reviewing our competitors DataTel Client - TonyStewartJ.D. Byrider chose DataTel and our Mitel IP phones because “We liked the hardware more than the competitors.” “Phil was more than helpful and we knew by the way that the sale process was approached that the service would be excellent.” That is the highest praise from a group that makes its profit in direct sales and service.

J. D. Byrider business model definitely addresses a niche “People  buy here, pay here and drive away with a 36 month warranty. We report to credit bureau every month so it has a direct positive impact (improvement) on credit scores” says Mr. Barger. J.D. Byrider has been in business for 25 years and now has 165 stores with the Garden City location being the furthest west.

At the end of the day, communications is the life-blood of any business – no one understands this better than DataTel.

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