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DataTel Times June 2014
Posted by:DataTel Communications, June - 16 - 2014

DataTel Times June 2014 – PDF Matthew Andrew at Goicoechea Law Office

DataTel Class of 2014

….and 2013, 2012, 2011, etc…

DataTel - Phil Pickett
Phil Pickett Sheepskin in Hand

Constant vigilance is the price of liberty and constant education and re-certification is the price of being able to sell Mitel phone equipment. Mitel, with whom DataTel is a Premier Partner, requires two days of intense classroom study every year from its sales people followed by a final exam to be qualified to present and sell Mitel’s suite of products. And it’s not just phones (that’s easy, like Art 101) -DataTel sales people also must be proficient at software and licensing requirements, contact center platforms, unified communication – all kinds of arcane stuff.

Kevin Heidy and James Blessinger from Mitel facilitated this year’s certification program. Our Phil Pickett is proof that (ahem) old dogs can continue to learn new tricks. Here, Phil proudly displays his accreditation from Mitel University (Home of the Fightin’ Dial Tones.). Other graduates include Scott Langdon, Salutatorian; Tom Gohlke, Dean’s List; and David Philbrook, a sixth year senior who was basically told to leave.

If our salesforce is well versed in communication stuff that excellent knowledge pales in comparison to our engineering and operations team. Jim Pace, DataTel’s sales engineer is responsible for presenting all new options and updates to the sales team as well as providing oversight and best practice review on the quotes we provide to our customers. Jason Richardson, our Operations Manager, always seems to have at least one of his ten technicians in some type of advanced training.

DataTel customers and prospects should take great comfort in knowing that our investment to stay aware and versed in new hardware, software and communication processes is a huge priority. It is how we excel in our business and how we help make your business better.

Client and Friends

GoicacheaDuring this time of year when we  celebrate Grads and Dads, we can’t think of a client that represents time and relationships better than Goicoechea Law. We have served this wonderful group for nearly 20 years and over three moves. When  we started with Goicoechea Law,  “While You Were Out” paper  messages were still in vogue.  Today, Goicoechea enjoys all the  mobility and retrieval tools that are an absolute must for legal and other communications sensitive groups. Sula  Washbrough, office manager (i.e. runs the joint) and Matthew Andrew, one of Goicoechea’s excellent attorneys, shared their thoughts.

DataTel - Matthew Andrew“We need partners we can trust,” said  Matthew. “We don’t have the time to figure  everything out (as to the myriad of  communications options) and anyone can sell  a phone system, but not everyone will tell us  what we don’t need.”

(A Surprise Awaits)

More so than any of our competition, DataTel Communications  take the time to understand the business model and direction – even with our existing customers. We never assume because  we all know what that means. Sula is even more succinct;  “When we call – you come.” DataTel has provided our full range of services, which includes cabling, to their new spaces. “Phil  (Pickett – hardware sales and proud graduate) gave us a great deal and Renee (Smith – the network specialist that presented the best possible dial-tone solution) is fantastic.”  “We could have lived with our old system, but we needed to increase our connectivity and capacity.” and that’s exactly what  Goicoechea enjoys today. Finally – if you’re with your younger children and happen to be driving past Goicioechea’s stately  office in Nampa, take a short walk to the old willow tree in the front yard and let the kids open the red door at the base of the tree.

DataTel(er) of the Month

The Tech driving this service rig Our customers REALLY like us!

DataTel Service Rig


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