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DataTel Times July 2014
Posted by:DataTel Communications, July - 02 - 2014

DataTel Times July 2014 – Download PDF Version Chris Haunold at Idaho Mountain Touring

 Work Hard – Play Hard

DataTel is pretty much a family. Many folks here have been with the Company over 20 years but  there is an infusion of new blood as well. So when we have our Summer Picnic, it’s great to have our actual families spend time with the work one. Like all families, we poke fun at each other, but the love runs deep. Here are a few pictures from our day at the park:


DataTel Boise Meridian Work Hard Play Hard1

DataTel Boise Meridian Work Hard Play Hard

DataTel Boise Meridian Work Hard Play Hard

DataTel Friends: Idaho Mountain TouringClient and Friends
(keeping the family theme!) 

Idaho Mountain Touring is an Idaho icon.  Their amazing, 50,000 SKU inventory and  unmatched expertise and service is at the core of their year-round business. Chris Haunold started 31 years ago with his wife, Jill and now has stores in downtown Boise, staffed by long time employees and managed by his son Bill; and in Meridian where sons Connor and Duncan can be found. “When we started, mountain biking was a novelty,” says Chris. “Today, there is high expectations of service.” “Things (bikes online and by mass-merchants) can be seen as a commody verses what is really needed to make for the best experieince. We help people  achieve goals – fitness, weight loss, competitive racing, or just racing with the grandkids – (we provide) the right fit.”

DataTel friends -ChrisHaunold
Chris Haunold – Great Dad, Great Boss

When Chris’ “phone guy”, a  gentleman that worked at USWest (later Qwest, then CenturyLink) left the profession after 27 years, he told his life-long customer, Chris, to reach  out to DataTel Communications for all his future phone needs. We created a network solution that connected the Boise and Meridian locations ”It was pretty easy, considering how big it  was to switch phones.”

Thank You, Chris. Keep Pedaling.

 DataTel - Boise Meridian Business Phones Know your DataTel(er)

Know Your DataTeler - Ronnie LittleRonnie Little is a big help to our controller, Tracy Penrod. As any business owner will tell you, the amount of information required by layers of agencies is staggering. Add on payroll and compliance, and whatever the new ‘regulation o’ the month’ happens to be and it’s pretty much out-of-hand. Ronnie and her husband Les were small business  owners themselves, so she knows the drill. She later took a position at Calvary Christian Academy as an administrative assistant. Both these have served Ronnie well in her multi-hat wearing role. “l love the fact that DataTel is so about the employees and this impacts how we go the extra mile (in business and the community).” Ronnie and Les have three daughters; Kasi, Kendra, and Kristi and enjoy travel and the outdoors with a special place in their hearts for western Montana. Ronnie’s addition to our group has been more than welcomed. And for Tracy, it’s been a gift from above.


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