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DataTel Times September 2014
Posted by:DataTel Communications, August - 26 - 2014

DataTel Times September 2014 Download PDF Todd Goode 1st Choice Collision

Vocabulary Words of the Day

  • Lon-gev-i-ty (lônˈjevətē) noun – a long existence or service
  • Con-stan-cy (känstənsē) noun – the quality of being faithful and dependable
  • Ex-pe-ri-ence (ik spir-e-ence) – noun – skill gained by doing something over time

DataTel Boise 10 to 20

Our Renee Smith and Jim Pace celebrated work anniversaries this month. We honor decades of service here at DataTel with a nice cash gift, a plaque and dental floss (kidding about the last one). Renee started the carrier division of DataTel 10 years ago and Jim began as a tech in 1994. Today he is our brilliant sales engineer. Few, if any companies can boast this kind of tenure with their staff. Even our owners began at an entry level within telecom and learned all the ropes on the way up. It speaks to the longevity of the company, the constancy of its employees and the experience that benefits all our clients and friends. Congrats, you crazy kids!!!

Scary Global - DataTel Boise Mitel VOIPA scary global reality now getting very serious. There has been a massive increase of IP attacks and hacking from overseas on ANYTHING connected to the internet. We recently helped a customer with their network and it took all of 15 minutes for a hacker from a distant country to locate the customer’s new IP address and begin an attack. If it connects to the internet, it is subject to corruption. PCs, servers, phone (IP and digital) game platforms – your entire network is exposed without an effective firewall or border gateway.

DataTel has multiple options for your protection. If your network is not secure, please do not hesitate to call on DataTel. And sooner than later, please.

Clients and Friends

DataTel Clients and Friends Todd GoodeTodd Goode of 1st Choice Collision Repair is really “green.” Not green like a rookie, but rather green as in environmentally conscious. His was the first auto body repair in the Valley to use 100% aqueous (water-borne) coatings. This is a big deal as 80% of the paint that is used in repairs evaporates – it is much better to have water in the atmosphere rather than solvents. 1 st Choice also recycles their thinners. Todd has a shop in Nampa and opening a new location at 1950 S. Cole in Boise.

DataTel Clients and Friends 1st Choice CollisionThe Cole location will be the Valley’s first and only auto body shop certified for aluminum vehicles. (Side note: The 2015 Ford F-150 will be all-aluminum so this is the future of vehicle manufacturing.) DataTel will be networking his two shop’s phone systems so communication will be as seamless and smooth as 1 st Choice’s body work. “We have 40 employees, but that doesn’t include an IT person. I trust DataTel to take care of what needs to be done.” 

Know your DataTel-er

DataTel Team Terry MartinTerry Martin joined our team of network/dial-tone/internet mavens about six months ago. She has tremendous experience (since 2000) and has been a wonderful addition to our happy cabal. Terry was raised in Orville, CA. She and her hubby Frank moved to Idaho to embrace the lifestyle the area provides and to be closer to their four kids and seven grandchildren. Terry clearly loves her work and her enthusiasm shows. “I guess I’m a problem solver and I love helping folks navigate an ever-changing industry.” She also loves the support and positive nature of the DataTel family.

“Things can be really complicated on systems, so you end up making a relationship – and that’s a good thing.” Besides chasing grandkids around the pool, Terry and Frank enjoy travel, wines (anything north of Boone’s Farm) and they are big concert goers – most recently, they went to see the Doobie Brothers at the fairgrounds. Terry has been ‘Takin’ it to the streets’ and doing great things for her customers.




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DataTel Times August 2014
Posted by:DataTel Communications, August - 12 - 2014

DataTel Times August 2014 Download PDF Version Corey and James at Petra

The World is Flat

DataTel - Boise Business Phones, Mitel

DataTel Communication’s phone hardware partner is Mitel. Mitel recently acquired  the European group Aastra, which now makes Mitel the third largest global business phone provider after Cisco and Avaya (and we’re nipping at Avaya’s heels). Mitel also bought the leading call recording company and call center solution group in North America. These acquisitions make DataTel even better positioned to provide the best communication direction for your group. From Nampa to the Netherlands, from five phones to 5000, DataTel can and does service hundreds of networked accounts.

Phone Features and Customization: Every business will have unique needs. DataTel has the full spectrum of the latest and coolest features that make a phone system an amazing tool. Our network team can connect any number of locations as if it is one big ol’ office, Virtualization of the phone system makes things even easier to manage and provides impressive savings as well.

Voice Quality: This is always Job One. The Mitel product provides pristine voice quality. And with IP phones, DataTel provides “Quality of Service” (QOS) to assure that any shared bandwidth of data is prioritized for the voice transmission.

Support: DataTel has global partners that are training on the same hardware and processes that we do. Customers know that we will be as professional and intense supporting distant locations as we are in the Treasure Valley.

DataTel - VoIP, SIP, Business PhonesClients and Friends

DataTel Friends - Petra ConstructionPetra Construction is celebrating its 20th year of business. What Jerry Frank started in a small garage is now an extensive operation with offices in Idaho, Washington and North Dakota. To co-op their tag line – the constant goal for Petra is to be “rock solid” in everything they do.

Corey King and James MacIsaac – two solid professionals Corey King, Marketing Coordinator, and James MacIsaac, Director of Business Development, represent an influx of young and energetic talent that is taking the company to the next levels. DataTel Friends - Petra Construction Logo“(We) measure our success by the company’s ability to rally as a team to exceed customer’s expectations,” says King. DataTel has supported Petra’s good for almost a decade. “Having DataTel as a partner has brought tremendous strength by way of voice communication and voice technology. (Petra) is confident in DataTel’s team to bring new ideas and support our business needs.”

Know your DataTel-er

Know Your DataTel-erBill Smart has been a lead service tech with  DataTel for 33 years. Bill’s task normally involves remote service so, in a quiet way, he is the ultimate problem solver. He’s an active  rider with his wife of 40 years, Vicki. Bill rides a 2014 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited which is more expensive than about anything else in the parking lot. Bill is also a proud Navy veteran who served four years in Vietnam.

Oh yeah – the hair thing. Perhaps rebelling from the “high and tight” he was compelled to wear in the service, Bill let his luxurious hair grow to quite some length. He then heard of a program called “Locks of Love” that take donations of lengthy human hair to be used in the crafting of wigs for cancer patients. Bill is a great guy and your typical biker– maybe a little scary from a distance, but a leather-covered teddy bear in reality.

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