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DataTel Times November 2014
Posted by:DataTel Communications, October - 30 - 2014

DataTel Times November 2014 – Download the PDF Cheryl and John at Idaho Athletic Club 

 Airborne Viruses and Distractor Factors

DataTel FirewallsAbout a year ago, we visited on firewalls and their increasing importance in protecting your data networks from a lot of nasty elements and hackers with bad intentions. This is especially and increasingly true with wireless networks – which is where most communication and data technology is heading.

The term “firewall” is a misnomer. A properly programmed firewall can do much more than block viruses. The hardware (or software, if it is loaded “virtually” in a server) does many things to improve your business function and efficiency:

  • Spamblocker – detects spam outbreaks as they happen and protects against unwanted emails.
  • Gateway Antivirus – stops threats before they gain access to your server and infect your network.
  • Intrusion Pervention – blocks targeted, malicious attacks designed to overwhelm your network.  Continuous Security Upgrades – on the fly – no downloading/installing of new versions.
  • PCI (payment card industry) compliance – maintains the secured environment required for processing of credit and debit cards.
  • Application ControlThis is a tremendous tool. With it, the firewall can block out specific websites or even elements within the website that distract from the work environment. If management wants to block certain social media (using Facebook as an example) the firewall can be programmed to do so. But, let’s say, the marketing department needs Facebook for their work. Not a problem. The firewall can be programmed to give access to designated groups. Even more granular is the capacity to allow Facebook access but block out all the games in Facebook. If it’s a public network, as found in many resturants, the firewall can control browsing for only appropriate sites , yet in the same space, create a private/business network with more more latitude with the Internet.

The correct firewall can protect your networks and increase productivity by controlling the access, at a percise level, to sites that have historically kept people off task. DataTel provides and programs the full range of industry-leading WatchGuard Firewalls. We have installed these devices in sites as small as four person offices all the way up to the enterprise level required for the campus of Nampa Christian School.

We have the expertise to help keep your network and group safe, compliant, and productive.

DataTel WatchGuard Firewalls

November means a number of things – the changing of the leaves (raking to follow), football in full swing, colds and flus, and, in the business world, the final push to get the best numbers possible for the end of the year. Our hardware manufacturers, e.g. Mitel and WatchGuard, as well as a number of carrier services such as Integra, TW and CenturyLink, are being increasingly generous with their pricing and terms in an effort to end their respective years very strongly. We’re all for that, and we happily pass on the savings.

Don’t forget about our leasing programs where a business can control its cash flow and still depreciate equipment (unlike hosted phones). Leasing typically cost less than hosted – and you actually own the equipment vs. rent!

Lastly, take advantage of the Section 179 Deduction. It is currently $25,000 for 2014, with a “total equipment purchased” threshold of $200,000. This means businesses can deduct the full cost of equipment from their 2014 taxes, up to $25,000. Yes, it’s a good deal. This program may go away in 2015, so you must acquire and have the equipment in use before 12/31/14.

Clients and Friends

DataTel Clients and Friends Idaho AthleticWas founded in 1978 by Cheryl and John Wardle. They were among the first to bring exceptional service to people working towards their fitness goals. The Wardles have created a fun and friendly environment that is the heart Idaho’s largest fitness enterprise with eight locations in the Valley. ( They have countless programs available for all ages and feature a free “30 day Challenge” for companies to offer to their employees – call 955-9955 for details. And when you call, the person on the other end of the phone will be using the system installed and supported by DataTel Communications. “Keeping easily in touch with our facilities is obviously important” says John Wardle. “DataTel is a fantastic partner as we grow.” You may be growing, John, but we are (hopefully) losing midway through our own company’s 30 day challenge.

 Know Your DataTel(er)

DataTel Lori LymanIf you have called our offices recently, you may have noticed that the sunny soprano of our receptionist Karen White has been replaced by the warm alto of Lori Lyman (Karen has taken on a full time customer service role, so we needed a special person to take on the receptionist + duties.) Until recently, Lori was responsible for student financial accounts at NNU. When her boss took another job, Lori seized the opportunity to embrace a new challenge after a friend told her about DataTel. “It was wonderful timing.” Lori first came to Idaho from Redlands, CA in 2003 to work with her brother (she has six siblings, most of whom are local). “I love the four seasons” (ed. note – that would be both the weather related seasons and the Vivaldi masterwork) “and we love fishing and thrift storing.” When asked for details, “thrift storing” is not garage sales or even antique shopping – it’s more like stuff you’d find at an estate sale. “On our first anniversary (hubby) Jerry took me thrift storing. We bought two rings. I paid $29.00 for one of them and it turned out to have a platinum setting and a one karat diamond. It was appraised at $5,000.00.” When not besting Antique Roadshow, Lori shares that she loves the atmosphere (we use quality air filters here) and the positive people of DataTel. “Everyone is just great.”

Thrift storing – a person could get into that! Welcome Lori. We’re glad you’re here.

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DataTel Times October 2014
Posted by:DataTel Communications, October - 03 - 2014

DataTel Times october 2014 Download PDF MC Niland at WITco

 Smart like Einstein – Strong like Bull – The MiVoice (5000 HX)

MiVoice - DataTel VOIP, SIP, Business Phones - Boise Idaho

Here is a partial list of some of the tasty features of the MiVoice (5000 HX) Controller. This unit has no moving parts and can support from 1 to 250 IP phones. It also supports digital and analog devices. Frankly, it’s the Swiss Army knife of telephony platforms. – Hey, Einstein worked in a Swiss patent office and cows are popular there as well!

(Just some of the) FEATURES & BENEFITS

  • Speed Dial – The system can handle up to 1,000 numbers.
  • 2 Way Intercom – Extension dialing.
  • On Hold Music – Including ability to play commercials promoting your business.
  • Desk Call Recording – With a push of a button
  • Caller ID – Captures the name and number even if the caller does not leave a message.
  • Auto Attendant – After Hours and extension routing of “back door number” calls.
  • 4 Way Conference Calling Retrieving Deleted Messages – Within the first 24 hours.
  • Do not disturb (DND) – Out to lunch, in a meeting or leave a customized message on your phone.
  • Paging – Internal paging through the phones. External paging jack.
  • Flexibility – Phone gateway has the ability to run VoIP/SIP, Digital and/or Analog.
  • Green – Mitel phones are ROAC Standard making them the greenest.

 Mitel’s MiVoice (5000 HX) Controller has over 400 features

DataTel - Einstein VoIP, SIP, Business Phones Boise, Idaho

DataTel Client MC Niland WitcoDataTel Client Witco VoIP, SIP, Business Phones Boise IdahoWitco is a wonderful, not-for-profit institution that has provided creative employment opportunities and practical education for developmentally challenged folks since 1974. MC is a founder and the CEO. The mission of Witco is supported by a host of agencies, private donations and various fund raisers and programs. MC has run every element of the enterprise and now has a staff of 105 employees serving the needs of over 600 clients with an operating budget of 5 million dollars. Witco’s work creates income opportunities DataTel Client Witcoto people who would otherwise be marginalized, thus providing a degree of independence and value and reducing the cost to the State as a whole – actually two States. The main office is in Caldwell and a second facility is in Ontario, OR. Witco offers programs to the private sector including personalized graphics, trophies, plaques, and all manner of gifts and employee recognition items. They also provide shipping and janitorial services as well as manual labor programs.

“No one on the staff really does technology and communications” says MC; “We want our resources to go into serving our people, not into technology, but (the DataTel phone system) is critical to our outreach.” “DataTel is always there and they are our friends.”

October is National Popcorn Month and Witco has embraced this by providing popcorn in attractive containers for gifting. Please visit Witco’s website at or call at 208-454-3051 for a detailed list of services they can provide for your business and staff. They do amazing work and we are honored to serve a group that does so much for so many. Thank you.

Know Your DataTel(er)

DataTel Tommie SullivanTommie Sullivan is our brand spankin’ new carrier services coordinator. Her task is to process the very involved paperwork for the carrier team and guide orders to fruition. She began in telecom in 1992 and has worked throughout the northwest. She lived in Boise in 2002 and later moved to Vancouver, WA. She and her husband John came back to Boise recently to be around their four kids and seven grandkids. We are very fortunate to have a person of her caliber (38 at least – probably 45). It is good luck that Tommie previously worked with our Valkyrie Loman. When asked what she enjoyed about her new job, Tommie cited “Being out of the corporate environment and being able to go home at 5:00.” Yes, it’s nice not working for “the man.”

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