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DataTel Times December 2014
Posted by:DataTel Communications, December - 10 - 2014

DataTel Times December 2014 – Download the PDF Nina  at City of Mountain Home

The Difference Maker

DataTel Christmas Thank You

2014 has found DataTel more robust and successful than ever. All of this is because of good people, like you, that have extended your trust and faith to DataTel Communications to provide the best solutions for any telecommunication need. As you may already know, DataTel is starting on the second half of a century of service. That’s an incredible statement for any company but more so with an entity that deals with technology. Here’s a question – what do the following have in common: Lucent, AirTouch, ITT, and PowerTel? These are but four of 48 large telecommunications groups that went out of business or have been acquired and then phased out.

So why are we still here, still growing and still expanding our market? It’s because we’re not exclusively a telecommunications provider:

DataTel Customer Service

DataTel has current customers that have been with us for over 35 years; many, many over 25 years, and a large number of our 3,700 clients and friends have been with us over a decade. This is not because DataTel Communications has hardware and stuff that is undeniable. Nor are we the price leader 100% of the time. And we are not here because the company has been awash in government contracts. No. The reason we are still here, still vibrant, still a player is because of the deep running relationship we foster with our customers. With you.

We are not just a “vendor” and you are not just an “account.” We are a mutual team that supports real people. We at DataTel take care of our families by taking care of your business and, by extension, your families…and for that we are beyond grateful.

We wish you and yours the best this Holiday Season!

The Staff and the Families of DataTel Communications

Clients and Friends – The City of Mountain Home

DataTel Client - City of Mountain Home

It’s pretty cool to be able to tell folks that DataTel is the communication backbone of entire cities. One example is The City of Mountain Home, ID. Our relationship began in 2013 when we provided a digital phone system to the police department. Earlier this year, City Hall deployed our IP phones. After we sat down and reviewed the entirety of the City Departments, it became clear that DataTel could provide a network that would allow for extension dialing between buildings all over town and save The City a lot of money on their phone bills. This required determining the most effective new services and features for all departments (including emergency services) at the best prices – which is precisely what we do every day.

Nina Patterson, the City Clerk of Mountain Home has been absolutely fabulous in facilitating the needs of 10 individual departments and coordinating our efforts. It requires a great deal of planning and careful execution to replace an entire infrastructure of old digital and analog phones and lines with a new IP platform for the entirety of a city. Numbers must be transferred, extension dialing established, voice mail boxes set up, auto attendant greetings recorded. Then, for a period of time, both the existing dial-tone and the new service run side-by-side to assure that all the numbers are ready to be accurately “ported” (moved from the old service to the new). When all is ready, a time is coordinated for the “cut-over.” This is when the actual hand-off of the old phone service is taken over by the new. Normally this is a quick process and goes off without a hitch – but if there is a hic-up, technicians for all involved communication groups are at the ready to attend to any lingering issue at that moment.

Nina Patterson shared, “The City’s goal is to communicate effectively with the public we serve and our co-workers. The new phone system allows us to work smarter, not harder.” “DataTel maintains continuous contact and is focused on our needs. They excel in customer service and (have built) a long term relationship.” Thank you for your kind words, Nina.

DataTel Taxes DeductionWe are most grateful for the trust of the City of Mountain Home and its leadership starting with Mayor Tom Rist, the very engaged City Council, and all the department heads that provided the unique backgrounds and requirements within their own groups that allowed us to craft a seamless solution.

Lastly, time ticks away for the opportunity to take advantage of the Section 179 Deduction. It is currently $25,000 for 2014, with a “total equipment purchased” threshold of $200,000. This means businesses can deduct the full cost of equipment from their 2014 taxes, up to $25,000. Yes, it’s a good deal. This program may go away in 2015, so you must acquire and have the equipment in use before 12/31/14. Call for details – it’s easy.

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