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DataTel Times February 2015
Posted by:DataTel Communications, January - 30 - 2015

DataTel News February Boise Meridian Business Phones

Download the PDF Version – DataTel Times February 2015

We respectfully offer the following primer on the two primary ways that business communications, of any size, are delivered into an office or network.

PRI/T1 (Primary Rate Interface) is a single hardline with 24 channels. 23 of the channels are dedicated to voice transmission and remaining one is for a signaling channel to the phone system for the information that appears on the display (like caller ID). With a single PRI/T1 a company could hold 23 simultaneous conversations.

SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) is a VIRTUAL connection over an existing data connection – think of it as your voice carried over the data stream. Like data transmissions, the speaker’s voice is compressed into little packets, shoots across the public telephone network and then “unpacked” to produce the voice that is heard at the other end of the call. (Side note: Mitel, our partner, was the first in the world to perfect the ability to transfer voice using SIP.) What makes SIP viable for voice communications is QOS (Quality of Service). It prioritizes the voice packets over everything else in the data stream. In rough terms, PRI/T1 is a traditional hardline process and SIP swims in the data stream. Ultimately, what makes the most sense for your company depends on your business model and expansion plans – and this is not an “either/or” proposition – some companies run both at the same time for resiliency.

  • PRI is a well-established protocol. Your father’s old, yet pretty cool, Oldsmobile.
  • SIP is reliant on bandwidth, the cost of which is going down at a pretty rapid clip. SIP is reliant on bandwidth, so if there isn’t enough, the QOS is affected.
  • SIP is typically not used for fire alarms – a dedicated copper telephone line is code in most areas.
  • SIP scales up and down very quickly – as in mere hours – so businesses do not pay for channels they are not using. This is very attractive to groups like contact centers and seasonal operations.

Clearly there is homework to do when approaching business connectivity and that’s why IT guys get the medium bucks. However, if you don’t have that IT resource and/or want a FREE assessment and consult by a group that knows this stuff inside and out (that would be DataTel Communications) give us a call at 884-4000 and we’ll swing on by.

D Fueled by Value-Seeking Problem Solver with Laser-like focus on Customer Requirements and Needs

DataTel Team Awards
DataTel presented awards to members of our sales staff that led their division in sales or were over annual quotas. Leading the network team was Renee Smith and Phil Pickett was first among the hardware group. There was no time for acceptance speeches, but if there were, we’d thank (instead of the Academy) all our customers and, instead of our spouses, we thank our awesome leadership for their tremendous support….no word yet if our spouses plan to raise the quotas.

DataTel Stephanie RodriguezKnow Your DataTel-er – Meanwhile, in our Twin Falls location, is the Lovely and Talented Stephanie Rodriguez – Administrative Assistant. Stephanie has moved away from Twin Falls twice and both times (Note: Twin, Twice and Both in one sentence. That’s got to be a record of some sort) she was welcomed back to DataTel. Twin Falls (Pop. 44,000) represents a good middle ground for a girl born in Buhl, ID (Pop. 3,900) and found the Boise area (Pop. 300,000) to be too much. “I found out I’m a small town girl.” “I never go to a store without running into a friendly face.” She and her husband Michael have a blended of family of six kids ages 21 to 10 with the first grandchild on the way. “I love being a mom, so my hobbies are anything they have going on.” As to her work Stephanie gushed, “I love my customers, I love my co-workers and my boss is phenomenal! All that keeps me excited every day!” “Marie (Oliver, DataTel’s Twin Falls manager) saw me working at a restaurant and called me later that day. I felt bad about leaving but so happy she called. I sucked at being a waitress.” (We doubt that – but are super glad you’re with DataTel.)

Stephanie and Daughter Kennedi (who looks just like the heroine in Brave!)

Email us at with any questions, comments or gluten-free muffin recipes.

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2014 DataTel Year in Review
Posted by:DataTel Communications, January - 06 - 2015

Download PDF version of 2014 DataTel Year in Review Don Morin at Cumulus


The Year in Review

DataTel Boise VOIP Busines Phones 2014-20152014 caused DataTel and its employees’ occupational whiplash. First of all, it difficult to comprehend a year could pass so quickly without the presence of a wormhole in the space/time continuum.


Secondly, our staff has grown more in 2014 than the previous 10 years combined. We welcomed Lori Lyman as our receptionist, Tommie Sullivan as the network coordinator, Terry Martin joined the carrier services team, Ronnie Little is in accounting, plus Robert Moreton and Kory Hadley are now part of our world-class group of technicians. Sadly. We had to say goodbye to Mike Otter who retired after serving DataTel for 30 years. He can be found on a golf course near you.

LoserThere was a major swing in interest towards cloud-based phones systems – which DataTel provides and designs based upon our clients CAPEX or OPEX financial models. 2014 also demonstrated how exposed and vulnerable information shared with “the cloud” can be. “Denial of Service” (DoS) interruptions made the news with Microsoft and Nintendo both being targeted by low-level hackers that flooded the on-line gaming sites of these two companies with bogus log-in requests that basically crashed the systems. What is really scary is that people can actually download software that creates streams of log-in requests (Check out: Low Level Ion Cannon) and, when joined by their malicious pals, can target any device that requires a log-in. In response, DataTel enhanced its firewall mix to include the latest technology that continually updates (WatchGuard) and there is more thought and discussion among our clients in keeping IP phone equipment “premised” and not exposing it to the vagaries of the cloud.

2014 was a sterling year for growth at DataTel Communications. Fiscally, it was our best year, as well the total number of clients we serve, the most new accounts, and orders into three new States (ND, WI and CO)

In the words of the Chairman of the Board “It was a very good year”

If your phone system or dial-tone Customer Service is less than great (below) call on DataTel Communications @ 884-4000


 DataTel Clients and Friends - CumulusClients and Friends

DataTel Communications has worked with Cumulus Radio since January of 2008. We proudly host the “DataTel Studio” on stations KBOI (AM 670) and “The Ticket” (FM 93.1) the home of Idaho Sports talk with “Caves and Prater.” We asked Market Manager Don Morin to share his thoughts about his business and how DataTel Communications fits into their efforts: “Cumulus-Boise is a group of six radio stations and great effort must be placed in regard to our understandable requirements for our studio & office voice, data and telecommunications applications. Our services must be up and running at all times, which is no small task. DataTel helps us juggle our many telecommunications carriers such as CenturyLink, Integra and AT&T. DataTel has successfully negotiated contracts with those carriers that has saved us a lot of money…much more that we could have accomplished on our own.” When asked about what separated DataTel from other telephony providers, Don said; “We’ve worked with several telephone/telcom providers over the years but our relationship with DataTel is by far the most productive for us. DataTel is easy to contact; they are large enough to possess the resources necessary to fuel our demands yet small enough to care. We’re on a first name basis with most everyone at DataTel.” Thank you, Don and your whole team. (And this, kids, is an example of why DataTel’s clients are also our good friends.

Our local Cumulus stations reach over 160,000 listeners each and every week with news, information, and entertainment – and they are often the first source for the public to be informed during natural disasters, traffic, and things like school closures. Like DataTel, Cumulus is deeply vested in the communities in the Valley and donate tens of thousands of dollars annually to charities and non-profit organizations in the form of public service announcements and they raise thousands more dollars for charitable organizations annually. Thanks again, Don.

The best of 2015 to you, Cumulus and all our kind readers. Good Luck and Gentle Days!

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