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DataTel Times June 2015
Posted by:DataTel Communications, May - 29 - 2015

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DataTel Voice of Tech ServiceThe Voice of Tech Service

If you’ve ever been in need of the brainy super powers of the technicians here at DataTel, you’ve probably chatted with Karen White at some point. She has worked at DataTel for the past 15 years, and currently is the Voice of Tech Support. Even though she doesn’t get one of those fancy red chairs that swing around with the push of a button when she hears a super star in the making, she does have the power to help get your system back to peak performance, and loves to help people find solutions to their problems.


DataTel is currently implementing a new program that will track all the service requests electronically and eliminate paper tickets. It all begins with an email to Karen at Karen will dispatch an electronic ticket to the technicians and respond to you with a work order number and additional info so you can track your request. This service is even monitored when Karen is out of the office. So instead of having to go through your second cousin’s neighbor’s nephew to find a solution, just email Karen.


DataTel Karen White - Tech Service Business Phones Boise MeridianIn fact, Karen prides herself on finding the perfect solution for each client. Every client, every system, and every problem creates a new and different scenario, and it’s important to get all the information to the people that know how to fix it. DataTel’s technicians are highly trained individuals with hours and hours of training and research, continually updating their knowledge of new products and programming, and Karen is your direct link to them. She also offers complete customer care, checking back in with the client to make sure all the questions are answered. If you end up finding yourself talking to her on a regular basis, she’ll definitely make your day go better, but you might want to consider reading the next article on the Maintenance Program DataTel offers.

 Insurance Policy, with Benefits

DataTel Maintenance ProgramLet’s say your headset short-circuits, your phone doesn’t give you a dial tone, or the brain of your whole phone system starts smoking. The Maintenance Program at DataTel covers ALL labor, travel, and materials during normal business hours (8am-5pm, Monday through Friday). This may be similar to other maintenance plans, except DataTel is the only company in the Treasure Valley that offers 9 additional benefits and free services.


Who doesn’t like free? There are many services that are provided at no charge on DataTel’s Maintenance Plan. Service calls are free, even outside of the Boise area. Program changes on your telephone system, such as changing names, the number of rings or the hold timers, and setting up voice-mail boxes and auto-attendants are free. For those not on the Maintenance plan, standard labor rates would apply to any change, so if you are a company who likes the flexibility of unlimited changes, the plan will easily save you money.

Maintenance customers also receive free advocate service with local dial tone providers. The hours we can save you from waiting on hold and then wrestling with the phone company will allow you to focus on serving your customers, and help you continue to earn money and spare you the frustration of trying to solve the problem on your own.


Also, all maintenance customers receive “first in queue” priority scheduling any time you have a service need — your service ticket goes to the top of the list. And there are many other free services and discounts available. If you’d like to find our how your business can benefit and receive a personalized quote, contact Tami Conley at or call (208)401-2106.


Customer Spotlight: Northwest Equipment Sales

DataTel Customer Northwest Equipment SalesNorthwest Equipment Sales is a family owned company that provides trucks, trailers, equipment, and service for the trucking community. Founded in 1981, they have grown from a single location in Twin Falls to include offices in Boise and Hermiston, Oregon. They are proud to partner with their customers, whether they have only one truck, or a fleet of trucks. And that is probably why DataTel and Northwest Equipment Sales make such good partners: both are invested in serving their customers, no matter the size or need.


DataTel first reached out to them in the 90’s during their growth into Boise. Larry Coppinger, the Director of Service Operations, explains, “As a small company, our employees were trained to sell and service large trucks and trailers, not how telephone lines work. Through trial-by-fire we learned to be wary of companies telling us how they were there to help us, but most of them just wanted our money.” However Larry says that DataTel was willing to spend the time and energy to understand their business, their equipment, and their needs.


Larry comments that the employees at DataTel have played a huge part, especially Terry Martin. One particular challenge Northwest Equipment Sales had was their desire to keep their existing old phone equipment, but update their data services. Terry was able to add several upgrades to increase data bandwidth, but still retain the old phone system, and even lower monthly costs.


DataTe; Customer - Northwest Equipment BldgLarry believes it’s because of this personal attention to provide real solutions that are tailored to unique and specific needs that sets DataTel apart from the latest email offering, or going it alone with a fancy new phone system. Larry says, “Just as we are here to help our customers, DataTel has been there to help us.


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