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DataTel Times September 2015
Posted by:DataTel Communications, August - 31 - 2015

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DataTel Family Picnic

DataTel-Picnic-2August means air-conditioning, road construction, and the Annual DataTel Family Picnic. Each year, all employees and their families from both offices in Meridian and Twin Falls descend upon an outdoor venue. This year, the picnic was held at Zoo Boise (which make sense, since some of our employees are crazy animals). In the evening, the park closed its doors to the public and DataTel had the whole Zoo to themselves. This included the Butterfly Exhibit and the Wallaby Walkabout, so not only did everyone get a fantastic meal and enjoy great company, but there was much to experience and learn as well.

One bit of knowledge that many would quickly learn is that lions are more active at night. And by active, we mean vocal. And by vocal, we mean loud. All throughout the park, one could hear the King of the Jungle calling for his dinner. Maybe he smelled the BBQ.

There were also fun door prizes to be had, including coolers, BSU camping chairs, a solar powered lantern, and a portable BBQ. Quite possibly the organizers were trying to tell the employees to get outside more often.

The prizes, the dinner, and the entertainment were great, but what everyone enjoyed the most was the chance to get together with coworkers outside of the office, catch up with spouses, and marvel at how big the kids have grown. DataTel is a big family, and even though going to work every day at DataTel has its benefits, it’s really nice to have the chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company without worrying about telephones or networks (although the parrots did try to talk a few of the reps into getting a phone line into their cage).

DataTel At The Zoo


Customer Spot Light: Lyle Pearson

DataTel-Customer-LylePearsonDataTel and Lyle Pearson, one of the premier auto groups in the Treasure Valley, have been partners for many years, even before Vice President and CFO Don Anderson joined the dealership 15 years ago. Scott Langdon, one of the owners at DataTel, was just a young spring tech back then, but the level of customer service and support was still the same as it is today. Don says DataTel is one of the few vendors that he can take at their word. He knows DataTel employees will always be straightforward and honest.

He also appreciates DataTel’s high level of service. Don tells a story about a big storm that came through the Treasure Valley causing power outages during the night. Before the store opened the next morning, a tech from DataTel was out to check on things to make sure the storm didn’t cause any problems.

Don is also a big fan of DataTel’s Maintenance Program. He says, “Why not tap into Renee’s expertise and knowledge and allow her to work with the telephone company and other vendors for us? That way I don’t have to stay on hold forever and struggle to figure out a solution. I can focus on my work and let her speak on our behalf.” He also knows that whatever service or equipment DataTel is offering is fairly priced, and he doesn’t need to shop around for a better price or better equipment. Years ago when Lyle Pearson was buying a new phone system, the technology DataTel offered was way ahead of the competition, and he knows that DataTel is always working to keep up to date on new technology.

Lyle Pearson has experienced great growth over the past 15 years, and DataTel has kept pace and helped managed the growth. They’ve never had a problem that DataTel didn’t have a solution for, and Don is confident the partnership will continue that way into the future. Even now they are adding a small office building to their location, and he knows DataTel will make sure any changes to their network, internet and phone system will be smooth. “With DataTel, changes like this are a snap. I know I can just call them and they will take care of it.”

DataTel Lyle-Pearson


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DataTel Times August 2015
Posted by:DataTel Communications, August - 03 - 2015

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DataTel - VOIP Business Phones Boise

DataTel - Busines PhonesBack in the day, a copper wire was the element that carried all your communications. Telephonic transmissions were routed from point A to point B via this simple analog (continuously transmitted) signal. In our industry’s parlance, we call these copper analog channels “POT lines”, or “plain old telephone” service.

It was a simpler time to be sure.

DataTel Analog Phones - Move to VOIPWell folks, the unstoppable force that is technology has changed how communication is processed. Voice and data signals are now compressed, carved out into packets, converted, and de-compressed. All manner of manipulations are needed to create the voice and data speed and volume required for the world’s IP and cloud-based stuff. A single wire supporting a single transmission is no longer sustainable.

Your Mitel phone has no problems functioning in any environment technology tosses its way. However, older hardware like alarms, credit card readers, postage meters and faxes machines – especially fax machines, that communicate through the phone service really hate having their signal folded, spindled and/or mutilated. They function best, and are the most stable, reliable, and resilient, in the world of simple analog POT lines.

What to do, one might be philosophically asking at this point? The quick and best answer is to call us at DataTel. We’ll evaluate the situation and provide solutions. Our phone systems accommodate analog devices, but a POT’s line still may be needed and our carrier folks will help in getting that lined out. Additionally, there are new devices that allow older hardware and the new telephonic communication channels to “play nice”. Again, let our most able pros help in finding the most cost and operationally effective solution for your business needs. It is part of what we do, so, you know, call us.…

Customer Spotlight: Dillabaugh’s Flooring America

DataTel Customer Spotlight DillabaughDillabaugh’s Flooring America is a one stop shop for flooring, cabinetry, and countertops, but is a cut above the those big box stores because they are a locally owned business that succeeds in putting their customers first. One of the ways they do this is by being a part of the Flooring America co-op that combines the buying power of 400 like-minded business owners in order to give their customers unmatched pricing. Casey Dillabaugh, owner of Dillabaugh’s Flooring America, has high praise for how DataTel helps them succeed. “DataTel doesn’t just do phones, but computer networking as well. We rely on them as the experts… We can call on them to not only provide service but answers.” He appreciates how the employees of DataTel (shout-out to Renee and Jim!) are always accessible, and he can really trust their answers (which we all know isn’t always the case in some businesses). Each of Dillabaugh’s Flooring America’s four different locations is unique based on how their computers connect, and DataTel uses what they’ve got and makes sure it works together and works at peak capacity.

Casey also appreciates that the employees at DataTel use plain English. IT departments tend to sound like they’ve been studying Klingon, so when a business has a trusted ally that knows about networking, and can communicate the situation so that the decision-makers can understand it, it is a beautiful thing.

Know Your Data-Teller, Josh Sanders

Know Your DataTel-er - Josh SandersJosh Sanders is DataTel’s latest addition to the hardware/software sales team. Raised in Flathead Lake, MT, Josh followed a football scholarship to Chicago where he met his wife, Mary. They moved to Boise to raise their kids (Madeline 12, Noella, 10 and Hudson, 6) and be close to the babysitters, ah, grandparents. Josh participates in the kids’ favorite activities of tennis, bike riding and fishing. This, as well as golfing, keeps Josh a tanned and handsome man.

Previous to joining DataTel, Josh worked in advertising sales, where he first met the principals of DataTel. When the opportunity to join our group came his way, he jumped at the chance. “I told the owners (Rod Richardson and Scott Langdon) that there is no other place I’d rather work. Their involvement and benevolence in the community says so much.” Josh is correct; our company holds true the notion that we are part of the larger community and we are most fortunate to live and raise our families where we do. This “old school” approach applies to how we treat our employees and our customers and is no small reason why many employees at DataTel have 20+ years of service – and the company itself is now over half a century young. We are glad that you’re with us, Josh. Welcome to the loving and nurturing embrace that is DataTel Communications. Now get to work, Rookie!

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