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DataTel Times October 2015
Posted by:DataTel Communications, October - 05 - 2015

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DataTel One Call Does It All

At a recent Monday sales meeting and weekend recap session, someone observed “I don’t think the customer knows that we do cabling.” This took us down the path of how many telecom services we provide (lots) and (ahem) how spotty we’ve been in letting people know the full scope of these products and services DataTel offers. Especially, and ironically, from the sales team.

We responded as would any established and respected vendor of advanced technology. We blamed the new guy. Once that was out of the way we commenced a program to codify (college word of the day) all the offering within our company. The next step was to craft, for our venerated customers, a snap shot of the true, turn-key telecommunications and management products and services we offer all the live-long day.

We are your one stop – really smart partner in this stuff. And the very cool thing is that, even though we have deployments all over the country and beyond, we approach everything like we live in a small town of 3,000 souls and everyone talks. We must be the best because folks can go down the road to someone else if we don’t do the job.

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Friends and Clients

DataTel Barbara Wolfe - The Car ParkBarbara Wolfe is the COO of The Car Park. This Boise-based group owns or manages parking facilities in the states of ID (eight of which are in Boise, the latest is for JUMP) as well as KS, MO, VA, FL and will soon be opening a new facility at the Denver International Airport – or DIA in CO – if you still have the stomach for more acronyms.

Barbara and her husband Jeff, the former chairman of the National Parking Association, are leaders in their segment and ever-expanding their own market. The backbone of this is communication and DataTel is thrilled to support this fundamental business process. “What I really like is that DataTel can identify what I need, get the best deal and execute – but the follow-up after the deal is done is where DataTel shines.” Tom McKnight, one of our carrier team members, works with The Car Park in the early stages of any expansion. In the case of the Denver airport project it was finding and assessing possible dial-tone and internet services that would be delivered to what was then a plot of land and sagebrush. In other situations, Tom streamlined services and networking. On the hardware side, Dave Philbrook works hand-in-glove to assure that the phones, conferencing modules and all other communications tools mesh seamlessly and provide expansion capacity without excessive cost. “Staying on top of this is one thing,” says Barbara “but the trust factor with DataTel is huge. When we approach an opportunity from out-of-state, we know exactly what to expect on the (telecommunication) side of things. DataTel has given us a built-in consistency.”

The number of Idaho-based DataTel customers that are extending into North American and even global markets continues to grow. DataTel delivers its locally famous competency, focus and good works wherever our clients go. The experience of Industry leaders like Barbara and Jeff Wolfe attest to this truth. “The proof is in the pudding.” Sounds tasty to us, Barbara. We thank you!

Know Your DataTel-er

Know Your DataTel-er Logan BaileyNotwithstanding an appearance that would suggest that DataTel recruited him from a 6th Grade Science Fair, Logan Bailey is not subject to child labor laws. He is a fully trained DataTel Technician. Logan served in the military as an IT specialist and brings a lot of networking experience into our communication expertise. Logan has pretty much lived in the Gem State all his life – at least long enough to know that Idaho was known for gems before potatoes. Logan lives with his pretty wife Bella (which makes sense as Bella is Spanish for ‘pretty’.) Logan’s folks, Loren and Robin and his sister Devony, live in town as well.

When asked about his goals in the future with DataTel, Logan said “I’d like to expand my skills with DataTel and get to a point where I’m the lead on jobs and would like to become a network engineer and administrator.” Logan benefits from working with a team with a huge amount of experience. The continuity of the service, programming and installation folks at DataTel is unmatched.

Logan is a very considerate and positive person. “It is really upbeat here and there isn’t a dull moment.” His goal is to be the best problem solver and a customer service superstar, to which we say “go for it, young man”!

(Yes – he has valid driver’s license)

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