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DataTel Times December 2015
Posted by:DataTel Communications, November - 23 - 2015

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I sense a disturbance in the force…

DataTel - Disturbance in the force

On December 17th, DataTel is hosting a special advanced screening of Star Wars – the Force Awakens. Tickets for the event were announced on our e-mail newsletter account and they were eaten up faster than Jabba the Hutt after a fast. We are really excited for the event and (clearly) if you are not on our e-mail newsletter and event list, it would behoove you to do so. Just go to our website ( and sign up. We only send out one or two communications a month, so don’t worry. We won’t overwhelm your mailbox like an Imperial Cruiser. We love this stuff. We want you to join us for the fun in future events.

Know your Compassionate DataTel-ers (Part One)

(L to R) Renee Smith, Lori Lyman, Tommie Sullivan, Valkyrie Domenick, Ronnie Little, a Stack of Gifts, Tracy Penrod, and Terry Martin. (Not pictured - Sara Schmidt, Tami Conley and Eleanor Roosevelt)
(L to R) Renee Smith, Lori Lyman, Tommie Sullivan, Valkyrie Domenick, Ronnie Little, a Stack of Gifts, Tracy
Penrod, and Terry Martin. (Not pictured – Sara Schmidt, Tami Conley and Eleanor Roosevelt)

DataTel employees contribute to Shoebox Ministry which provides local Canyon County schools hand-wrapped gifts. Every student at the school will receive a box before Christmas. Kathy Richardson, the better ¾ of DataTel’s Vice President Rod, brought this project into the office, and it has become one of our annual traditions. Employees of DataTel donated funds and a number of our folks lent a hand to pack and gift wrap the shoeboxes.

DataTel loves supporting our local communities and this is but one of the many things we do in the spirit of sharing our good fortune and grace. We’re thankful to our customers, our mentors, and all who share this path.

Friends and Clients

DataTel Friends - TouchmarkTouchmark is a premier retirement living group in the United States and Canada and one of Oregon’s largest privately held companies. Their handsome Meridian, ID campus is but one of the many locations that DataTel is the trusted provider of communication systems and services. Mr. Rich Steigleman, a man who has worn many hats for Touchmark, is currently in low voltage (phones and the like) support and will soon be participating in the construction of Touchmark’s new campus in Prescott, AZ, opening in 2017.

DataTel-GrandLodge“Besides great architecture, great landscaping, magnificent spaces and life enrichment programs, we have a “best friends” approach. Our client’s best interest is always in the forefront. DataTel is that way too.” What Rich means is that even though a solution may not generate our best profit, we still make sure it’s part of the discussion. “DataTel gave us real options. You didn’t push for the quick hit (sale) thing.” We first worked with Rich when the Meridian, ID campus was expanding. We proposed a new system, but engineered a very “out of the box” solution to re-route phone lines and re-purposed hardware to save Touchmark money. Later, this integrity was rewarded when a flood took out the phone system at the Vancouver, WA campus and Rich recalled how DataTel worked, communicated, and responded in the past. So he reached out to us in this emergency:

(click on this link) /datatel-times-march-2014/

DataTel-Rich-SteglemanMr. Steigleman (the fellow pictured on the left at the scene of his hole-in-one) is very aware of the scope of complex systems as he’s done it all. Rich has disciplines in manufacturing, maintenance, and design. He was part of the design team for the Bend, OR campus. Rich is also very forthright, so we are extra pleased to hear; “You sit at the top tier of vendors. You stay connected. You support us and your team works very well with all of the stakeholders in the process.”

Rich moved from Vancouver, WA to Bend, OR with his wife Tina and their son Stephen. Rich built a gorgeous home on 10 acres outside of town. As for fun, “I like to golf, fish, tinker around – I’m basically a family guy.” Touchmark extends the same familysense with their clients and employees. “Our work is always based on making people successful.”

“We really lean on you and you do not let us down.” Is there higher praise for a vendor and partner? Nope. There is not.

Know your Compassionate DataTel-ers (Part Two)

DataTel -ServiceEvery year, DataTel participates in the Boise Rescue Mission Turkey Drive. Employee’s contributions and extra generosity from Tom Gohlke and organization from Renee Smith resulted in a fantastic outcome. The owners of DataTel always step-up in a huge way – the result – 106 turkeys provided to the Rescue Mission for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone from your friends at DataTel

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DataTel Times November 2015
Posted by:DataTel Communications, November - 02 - 2015

Pick of the Litter

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DataTel Times NovemberAs faithful readers of this newsletter of occasional merit know, DataTel has been Idaho’s “go-to” telecommunications group for decades. We are a premier, nationally ranked, and exclusive Mitel dealer.

Not to be boastful, but there would be much high-fiving in the halls of any manufacturer that DataTel agreed to promote. So why Mitel? It’s because Mitel represents, more than any other global telecom company, the future of communications. This is absolutely true.

Within our industry, the buzzword is “convergence”. Everything (as in EVERYTHING) that we consider as communications will literally be held in your hand. The concept of an “office” is forever changing. Information that you need will appear in your device as soon as you enter that environment. Processes will be seamless and automatic between disparate communication methods. A single occurrence will inform every future event related to the occurrence. Here’s an example: While walking to my car I say into my device “Push the ACME Corp. meeting to Friday – adjust itinerary 24 hours.” This one communication will automatically inform my calendar, my client, the hotel, the airline, the car service, the restaurant…everything along the chain. Long distance will disappear as a thing. Calls made from Tokyo to Boise will use Wi-Fi and will be, de facto, local.

In orders of magnitude, Mitel is the global leader in developing and implementing this technology. And this brave(r) new world is happening now.

Mitel is smart. They know that this enviable convergence cannot make existing platforms obsolete, so things are designed to leverage existing Mitel hardware into the “go-forward” – even though, frankly, the “go forward” doesn’t have a lot of hardware.

MitelFocusing our telephonic sales efforts (premised, virtualized and cloud-based) with a single supplier represents a long-term vision from the owners of DataTel. Our way of business is long-term as well – and relational. Something as critical as a communication backbone REQUIRES trust and continuity.

As all this amazing stuff comes into the market and into our collective business realities, DataTel will be the first, best trained and most able company to light the path of possibilities – and that part hasn’t changed in 50 years.

Friends and Clients

Sockeye Brewing CompanySockeye Brewery was founded 1996 by Kevin Mills – his parents were river guides so Kevin named his hand-crafted beers after things associated with the local rivers. “Power House Porter” was named after the generating house on the Payette, “Wooolybugger Wheat” from the popular fly fishing lure – cool stuff like that. “He wanted to tie his beers into local touchstones,” said Janice Skinner – the business manager for Sockeye Brewery. Mr. Mills bounced his small, yet growing operation from Boise to Nampa and back. In 2004 Kevin sold to his landlords, Fred and Linda Schuerman. At that point, his operation was a three barrel system.

Beer Talk: A “barrel” is the equivalent of 31 gallons of beer. The rate of production of any operation is dictated by the fermentation process which can take 14 to 21-ish days depending on the type of beer being produced.

In 2004 the Schuermans doubled production. Today, Sockeye produces over 8,000 barrels or about 250,000 gallons of Homer Simpson’s favorite beverage. Plans are in the works for another expansion to increase production to 20,000 barrels! In spite of the huge volume, the hand-crafted process remains the same. Head Brewer Josh King and Production Manager Kevin Bolen have a collective 48 medals and awards between them for brewing awesomeness. Sockeye is continuing to explore new flavors and methods including aging beers in oak casks to extract more complex notes and flavors. (Where was “Brew Master” as an option during my career day in High School? An injustice has been served!)

Janice Skinner Sockeye BrewingBesides the brewery, Sockeye has two full service restaurants in Boise and at the Meridian (off Fairview) production facility. (Crab cakes with the Dagger Falls IPA – epic!) Sockeye now distributes in ID, UT, WA and OR and recently can be been found in area Costcos.

“I don’t count beans, I count ounces.” Says Janice. Also most important is the family-first ethos instilled by the Schuermans. “Every day can be bring your kids to work today.” (Note: We at DataTel attempted a “Leave your kids at work program” which was met with limited success.)

“DataTel has connected us. The efficiency created in our communications has definitely been beneficial with workflow. We are a growing, multi-site business and the system is growing with us.” This is because of good planning and the inherent scalability of the Mitel phone system. “The customer service level is great as was how well DataTel worked with our IT people.”

Know your DataTel-er

Renee Smith - Know Your Data-TelerFor over three years, the criminally modest Renée Smith has avoided this newsletter. Renee came to DataTel in 2005 and formed what is now our carrier division. She also has never sold a thing in her life, “I never want to talk someone into buying something. I like to educate.” The mother of five can take us all to school on the ins and outs of dial-tone and internet processes and she is the de facto and at-no-charge account manager for hundreds of area businesses. Renee and her husband Mark are also aviators and they made their own kit plane (below – on its first flight). Renee-Smith-FlyingRenee’s first day at DataTel coincided with the monthly company meeting where profit sharing bonuses were being given to all employees and plans for the company picnic were finalized. “I knew I was in the right spot!” “She’s Awesome” says network manager Valkyrie Dominick. Renee Smith is SUPERAWESOME. Her customers adore her. We love her too and are so lucky to have her at DataTel. Keep defending the American Way and oppressed phone users

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