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DataTel Times April 2016
Posted by:DataTel Communications, April - 11 - 2016

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A special edition of – Friends and Clients

Here’s the scenario: Two young women attended law school together. They shared a pipe dream that one day, they would be partners in their own firm. Time moved on. They passed the bar. They started careers in the law, but in different jobs. Then one day, the stars aligned and Deena Tvinnereim and Nikki Smith had a fleeting opportunity to fulfill their collective dream. Awesome! But, they only had five business days to set-up a functioning office space with communications, dial-tone and internet. And that’s just nuts! Naturally, we stepped up.

Thursday 3/24 – 2:00 PM. A call for “help” came to marketer/sales guy Dave Philbrook’s office. At 3:30 PM Deena drove up from Nampa to share her situation and look at phone options in our showroom. Dave brought network and carrier specialist Paul Bermingham into the meeting for the impossible task of bringing dial-tone, new phone numbers and internet service into an office space that was signed for that very morning. The opening of the new office had to happen by April 1st. Five working days!

Friday 3/25 – Deena and Nikki’s new enterprise, Ramirez-Smith and Tvinnereim, PLLC office space is identified. Dave begs his operation manager for a zero notice/last second install slot. Jason Richardson squeezes the hopeful date of 3/31 to the install calendar (Jason Rocks!) Paul is told the best he can expect for dial-tone is April 12. He doesn’t like that answer. He goes further up the chain. Dave processes the phone system order internally and reaches out to our leasing team – and makes the case for the young legal eagles. Deena checks-in between court dates. Dave gets pre-approved funding. Paul finds the best speed and rate for internet and that piece can start by the 31st so one service need (internet) is resolved. Paul gets the new phone numbers – business cards are a go – but the dial-tone install date is still too late.

Monday 3/28 – Dave facilitates the leasing agreement and paperwork. That part is now
done. Coordinator Barbara Monihan works quickly with Deena to program the phones
to their exact specifications for their new office and increasing staff – now a paralegal and
receptionist. This information, along with the new phone numbers, are programmed into
the system and readied and staged by Sara Schmidt in logistics.

Tuesday 3/29 – Deena receives a call from the company Paul is trying to push for dialtone. A (clearly new) sales rep tells Deena that they “don’t service Nampa.” Panic ensues. She calls Paul. He calms her and reminds her that he is on point on this directive. Deena begins to breathe. Paul begins to sweat.

Wednesday 3/30 – Paul does his magic! Services that would “not be possible” until 4/12 are going to be delivered on 3/30. Jason pushes the install a day earlier. His team deploys and trains. There is some crackling that is heard through the phones. The service team makes a remote adjustment of the system and all is perfect before the start of business!

Thursday 3/31Ramirez-Smith and Tvinnereim, PLLC Opening Day. Hugs and High Fives all around.

Let’s be clear – this is not a typical install situation and, of course, we prefer a measured and planned deployment; BUT it does illustrate the amazing capacities and customer service response of DataTel Communications. In this we are unmatched in this industry and this market. Oh, and thoughts on all of this after the dust had settled; “DataTel is amazing!! I am definitely referring you to everyone and have already been singing your praises. We are in full operation because of you! Phones, fax, internet are our life line!!!!!!!” (This quote and exclamation points are from Deena.)

We possess the skill sets, relationships/channels, tools, processes and wherewithal to get stuff DONE. We can be your hero, too.

A House United

DataTel Communications is Idaho’s largest and most experienced full-service communication group. Every element associated with communications happens under our one roof…well, two roofs counting our busy Twin Falls office. Our staff of professionals are a team of specialists that work together for the single best result for our almost 4,000 customers.

DataTel Spinning PlatesWe have deployments coast-to-coast, but we are Idaho born and raised. Many of our customers have businesses and plans beyond the Gem State and we bring the same local intensity and care into these situations. The fact that we can do everything related to business communications takes a large burden off of folks (hello, RamirezSmith and Tvinnereim) because, goodness knows, the plates are full during any new startup, location move, or business expansion. We work hand-in-insulated gloves with all IT groups so the networking happens as planned, too. Our carrier team expands and transfers services, and moves phone numbers for minimal interruption and maximize cost savings. You’re welcome. Of course, a business could scatter-shoot all these disparate elements; but why?

So, if your ‘house’ (i.e. business) is growing and whether that new location is down the road or across time zones, DataTel Communications remains your One-Stop – Really Smart Total Communication Solution. So please, go ahead and do the Bill Withers thing and lean on us. We’ll help you carry on.

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