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DataTel Times May 2016
Posted by:DataTel Communications, May - 04 - 2016

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The Death of the Desk Phone (?)

DataTel Desk Phone / Cell PhoneThe humble desk phone. For over 100 years it has been THE trusted, reliable, cost-effective, and ubiquitous business tool. But now comes the (relatively) new kid in town – the cell phone.

90% of the younger workforce say their devices never leave their side. This includes taking them to bed. (Come on. Admit it.) People are becoming (alas) accustomed to what was once considered an intrusive technology in their daily life and this expectation is breaking down the traditional boundaries of the work day.

In this connect-from-anywhere culture, businesses are increasingly leveraging flexibility. That means that employees are always available, on the move, working from home, on the road, attending a conference, in a meeting, etc. One might think that this would be the death knell of the desk phone. And one would be wrong. The integration of desk phones with cell phones blend the mobility and ubiquity of cell phone use with the professional advantages of a desk phone at the base of operation. This creates an end-to-end communication backbone that does so much more than a mobile device alone can achieve.

DataTel - Oil Can CandlestickMitel desk phones leverage mobile devices. The desk phone number can ring to the cell. Cell calls can be “handed off” to the desk phone and vice versa. A person can work from home with the appearance of being at the job. Single or multiple mail boxes can be deployed. Remote access video and collaboration events from the office can be sent to people on their devices – ideal for training and field assessments. All this without giving out personal cell numbers. Having desk phones as the basis of this flexible connectivity costs less and does more than devices could possibly do alone.

Yes, good people, the desk phone isn’t dead – quite the opposite – it’s rejuvenated! New Mitel technologies keep the desk phone relevant by merging the strength of mobile devices so companies can enjoy a level of productivity like never before and sleep deprivation can continue!

Mitel set to Acquire Polycom – Calls Mom with the Good News

DataTel-Mitel-Polycom(For Immediate Release) Mitel of The Great White North positioned to acquire Polycom – Qt-3 of 2016 and all of their parking spots. Polycom is a global leader for video conferencing hardware and applications, Mitel projects annual sales of 2.5B and 7,700 employees world-wide. Mitel retains relationship with the best premier partner in the country – DataTel Communications. Stock market is pleased.

Friends and Clients

DataTel Clients - Metro Meals On WheelsMetro Meals on Wheels is awesome and May 5th is a day that we all can do our small part to keep this tremendous organization engaged in their ever-expanding mission of service. Read on…

Grant C. Jones (left) is the director of Metro Meals on Wheels. Every weekday this group provides nearly 1,000 hot meals to Treasure Valley area seniors. Many folks receiving meals are homebound and unable to prepare their own meals and for them, these meals provide their only consistent source of daily nourishment and, therefore, independence.

We are thrilled to be the communication hub for Metro Meals on Wheels and their hundreds of clients. “DataTel took care of a great number of gaps in our older phone system. We are very impressed with their customer service.” “This has made a big improvement in providing our services. (to our clients)”

Do Your Part! On May 5, Metro Meals on Wheels is part of the statewide Idaho Gives – a program for Idaho Not-For-Profits who serve the community. Show your support by making a tax-deducible online donation (link below). The minimum $10 donation provides two hot, nutritious meals for homebound seniors.

Data-Tel-Boise-Bike-ProjectAnd in other cool news – the progressive Boise Bike Project is partnering with Metro Meals on Wheels to deliver meals – and this is a real Happy Meal! If you are looking for an opportunity for volunteering, you can most certainly reach out to Grant directly or go on line. DataTel is the proud supporter of great groups like Metro Meals on Wheels such as Idaho Youth Ranch, Witco, The Arc, and the Boise Rescue Mission. We do what we can to support the entities that make for a better society and more vibrant, and livable community.

Metro Meals on Wheels can be reached at 321-0030 or you my e-mail Grant directly at

Click the link on MAY 5th


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