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DataTel Times July 2016
Posted by:DataTel Communications, June - 29 - 2016

Mr. Gordon Johnson – 40 years of awesomeness with DataTel!

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40 Years Ago – Apple computer was founded. That turned out pretty well. ”Rocky” pounded its way into our hearts, and anyone named Adrian has lamented that day ever since. The Eagles discovered that they could check out of the Hotel California, but could never leave (cue: iconic guitar section). The Hair Club for Men made it possible for a man to appear to be wearing a toupee when it’s actually his own harvested hair. And 40 years ago, Mr. Gordon Johnson started at DataTel Communications (then Executone of Central Idaho).

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Gordon began work here only a few days after marrying his lovely bride Connie – he’s clearly a loyal and true gentleman. His musical family (Dori, David, Jeremy and Rachel) are the source of great pride and joy. Gordon is the best of men and we at DataTel are the fortunate beneficiaries of his gentle, calm and wise ways. Thank you, Gordon!

Client and Friends –

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.20.41 PMShane Adams is the systems administrator for Impact Sales, LLC. As such, he has every opportunity to have no life beyond work – but more on that later. Impact Sales is a brokerage group that represents consumer goods companies and their products which are sold in retail outlets. They have eleven offices throughout the United States and the products they champion generate over one-billion (with a “B”) dollars in sales a year.

Shane’s been with the group for a decade. His general expertise was pushed to the extreme as he was tasked with building and managing Impact Sales’ communication backbone. “I had to support 200 employees right out of the gate.Things have not slowed down as Impact Sales recently folded four smaller brokerage groups into the company – now its 300 people in an increasing number of offices scattered across the county. This is a huge design and management responsibility for one man.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.21.06 PMShane worked with our folks and together crafted and priced-out the best program. I didn’t need to buy a PBX for each site and the intercom feature is fantastic!” There are other elements within the DataTel solution that are a huge benefit to Impact Sales’ business model, (the fact that) We can unplug our phones and can just move them is a life saver. We really love the ‘hand-off’ feature (pushing a single button to transfer cell phone calls to the desk phone or vice versa) Renee (Smith of DataTel)) found us 100,000 minutes of free long distance a month, too.” Shane considers our value-priced total maintenance plan The best part of the whole deal, in that every element associated with the phones is ‘covered’”. Today, the Boise native can actually do the things outside of work he loves – fly-fishing, motorcycling and when the weather gets cold and gray, one might find Mr. Adams cruising the Caribbean.

Impact Sales is an aggressive and quickly expanding group with a lot of moving parts and a ton of mobility needs. This is a perfect illustration of how important it is to build a communication solution that flexes and grows with your company, and in this regard, DataTel is the ultimate architect.

Know your DataTel-er Presents: “Tech Corner” with Cameron Collins!*

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.22.20 PM“As a technician, I appreciate seeing battery backup systems being used by our customers. They are cheap insurance, and nearly maintenance free. Let’s face it, power outages are bound to happen, and a battery backup can keep a minor inconvenience from becoming a major pain. Unfortunately, sometimes I see battery backup systems placed on the floor next to plumbing fixtures or water heaters. That backup system is vulnerable to flood damage, so get it elevated on a secure, stable surface. (No upside-down milk crates, please!)

There is an ideal battery backup system for every situation, and we here at DataTel can provide and install the right system for your business needs and concerns.”

Listen folks – this man knows of what he speaks and ably writes. Battery back-ups start under $250.00 and, as Cameron observed, it is cheap insurance and a sign of great wisdom.

* It’s not an actual corner, per se. It’s more like the bottom part of this page.

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