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DataTel Times September 2016
Posted by:DataTel Communications, August - 31 - 2016

DataTel Times Lori and Mike with Anvil Fence

What we saw at the zoo…


So, Reggie, Skip and I had a great time at the Boise Zoo the other day. It’s fun to observe animals in their habitat. I’m always amazed at the different colorings. Reggie says walking gets him closer to his Fitbit goal – sure pal, maybe by November! Skip couldn’t pull himself away from the sales people exhibition – those guys – always good for a chuckle, the way they fall all over themselves! Anyway, I’m out of contract so I got this new device with a great camera. Enjoy.


Friends and Clients


screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-1-26-10-pmAnvil Fence Co. has been building fences of all types and description in Treasure Valley since 1961. Anvil offers a wide varitiey of designs and styles with material screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-1-26-41-pmchoices ranging from wood, vinyl, and ornamental wrought iron. They also provide security and temporary fencing for construction sites, event venues, security gates, chain link fence or a privacy fence for commercial businesses. You can’t go more than a mile in any direction and not see a quailtiy Anvil Fence. Lori Thompson shared; “We are lucky and blessed to be able to “sign” our work! Often, clients have asked to make sure we would “sign” their fence. Our market has steadily expanded as we added more diverse Automatic Gate options, and assist utilities and manufacturers (e.g. Sorrento, Amalgamated Sugar, and Simplot Processing Plants.) As to how they approach their business, it is Biblical in its simplicity; “(We) treat people the way we want to be treated. Honesty and Integrity. Anvil Fence would not be the Company it is without our great employees, many of them long term, dedicated, and loyal. We all love the saying, ‘Character is doing the right thing when no one is looking.’ We Love What We Do!!”


Old phones (like bad jokes) die. This is the reason Lori called on DataTel; “Actually, we got tired of not being able to hear on our old phones…..AND! DataTel had honesty and integrity – like us. Your presentation and installation was professional, with the knowledge to go with it. We would highly recommend your DataTel, anytime! Please feel free to refer potential clients to us!” Well, if you insist, Lori, we’ll do exactly that! (Folks, that number is 208-375-6767)


Know Your DataTel Stuff! The Mitel SIP-DECT and Wi-Fi Phones


Cell phones are built for mobility, but what about within the office environment? Transferring business calls from your cell is (typically) not possible, nor is putting people on hold, pushing into someone’s voice-mail box, etc. Sometimes, a person just needs to have mobility AND the function of a cordless phone that is connected to the rest of the operation. We, of course, have you covered.


The Mitel 112 SIP DECT phone uses DECT technology – think Blutooth™ functionality but with a lot more range. You’ll enjoy the ultimate in mobility and full phone function – and the base can support up to 20 handsets. The phone comes with a charging base and the user typically can wander about 200 feet from one’s desk. The range can be extended with base “repeaters.” If your business has a wireless network, we can piggy back on that with our Mitel 5624 Wi-Fi phone. The only downside to this technology is when the handsets end up at your house because they fit nicely into pockets.


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DataTel Times August 2016
Posted by:DataTel Communications, August - 16 - 2016

DataTel Times August 2016


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.29.54 PMIn TV and films, the telephone (or something like it) is used to push the plot forward without events actually being seen by the audience. The conversation carried not only the voice, but also the intrigue, energy, direction and exposition of the production.

Let’s consider, kind reader, a few examples:

Batman (TV Series – ABC – 1966 to 1968. 120 Episodes) Adam West starred as the caped crime fighter. Commissioner Gordon could reach out directly using the Bat Phone. Batman was an early adapter of mobile communications. Riddle me this: If tomatoes are technically a fruit, can ketchup be considered a smoothie?Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.29.59 PM

Pillow Talk (A movie starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson – 1959). The entire plot of this film is driven by the fact that the characters share a “party line.” For you youngsters, this was a phone line that was used by two or more different accounts. The ring pattern would be unique to the intended party, but anyone sharing the line could still listen in.” Gossip and Hijinks ensue! “My wife and I were happy for twenty years, then we met.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.30.46 PMHamlet (A play from Bill Shakespeare – 1645) Hamlet is a really depressed and very indecisive prince who has “mommy issues.” He’s the ultimate “Should I Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.30.50 PMSlay or Should I Go” kind of a guy. Wistfully, Hamlet has conversation with an old dead pal, acting as if the skull was some sort of ‘communicator’ which first appeared in…

Star Trek (TV Series – NBC 1966 – 50 years ago!!!! starring William Shatner and a cast of his lessors) Star Trek would have ended tragically and permanently on any number of episodes if the communicator had failed to reach Scotty or whoever was manning the transporter room, to heed the command “beam me up.” (Ed Note: You’d think a cell phone manufacturer would have knocked-off the look of the communicator to secure the nerd market. That’s a million-dollar idea! You’re welcome.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.31.48 PMDr. Who (TV Series – BBC premiered 1963. Still in production with almost 900 episodes shot) Geeks of a more erudite nature are followers of this show. A Time Lord (you’ll have to look this stuff up… not enough room in the newsletter) travels through time and space, in a Tardis; which looks like a British police “call box” (on the left) keeping the innocents from harm and history from change.

Get Smart (TV Series CBS & NBC 1965-70 138 episodes, created by comedy greats Mel Books and Buck Henry) Don Adams (who also voiced the cartoon “Tennessee Tuxedo”) played agent Maxwell Smart. This show spoofed on all the secret agent stuff that was popular at the time. Agent 86 used special gear in the covert battle against KAOS. “The shoe phone! Right Chief!” Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.32.21 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.33.03 PMDial M for Murder (Movie – 1954 starring Ray Milland and Grace Kelly) In this thriller, a wealthy socialite is set-up for murder by her vengeful and greedy pro-tennis playing husband who wants her dead to collect her inheritance. He devises a clever plot to frame another person for the crime and the murder is put into motion. Hijinks Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.33.07 PMEnsue!

Scream (Movie – 1996 starring Drew Barrymore) What is it with this teen slasher movies where every possible and reasonable step to assure safety and security is ignored? Is America’s youth that dense? And you can be 100% certain that if a guy and a girl were getting a little frisky (and not the cat food), someone is going to die. Frankly, this editor can’t go to these of movies because I have zero willing suspension of disbelief with this type of film. That and I have few friends.

DataTel Presents: “Tech Corner*” with Cameron Collins!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.22.20 PMAs a proud nerd, and fan of all things technology, the tech-y details of the Mitel products we offer here at DataTel continue to impress me. For instance, the MiVoice Office 250 has zero moving parts and cools itself passively using plenty of ventilation. No moving parts means greater reliability. The compact size of the unit allows for more installation flexibility, whether that be taking up only two units when installed in a rack, or a small footprint in an out-of-the-way space on a wall.

The platform itself is very flexible at both the hardware and software levels, allowing DataTel to custom tailor an ideal solution for a variety of customer needs and wants. The “slots” in the back of the unit allow us to mix and match expansion cards to meet your business needs as you grow or change, meaning you only pay for the features you need when you actually need

To top it all off, Mitel engineers continue to refine and improve their products. Each update brings even more reliability and functionality to the already impressive value-proposition that is the MiVoice


(Cameron may very well be in the wrong department. I’d buy one now based upon his description.)

* It’s not really a corner

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