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DataTel Times December 2013
Posted by:DataTel Communications, December - 03 - 2013

Download PDF Version of DataTel Times December 2013 – David Gonzalez at Inovus

DataTel VoIP Busines Phones  Boise - Coffee


Coffee can keep you awake – but DataTel Communications has a program that will help you  sleep at night knowing that no opportunity or important communication falls through the cracks.


Consider this, please – The vast majority of us keep emails on file in case we need to refer back to the information they contain. Email is a vital tool in the documentation process to mitigate risk, serve as a reference, and provide verification and confirmation. But what about phone conversations? The information in phone calls can be just as important as your emails, but without an easy way to document 100% of the actual content, that information disappears the moment you hang up.


With our excellent partner OAISYS, DataTel now offers you a secure and totally compliant way  to capture every call. Any size business can easily search, retrieve, play-back and share that content whenever it’s needed for verification, customer service training or conversation review. And did someone mention Free Starbucks? Why, yes we did!


Click on or cut n’ paste this link in your browser.

You’ll be seeing a fun and informative (and gloriously short) video that provides a great  overview of OAISYS voice documentation. After you’re done, fill out the simple form and let  us know if you’d like learn more about this surprisingly affordable business tool. Of course we  accommodate your schedule and we’ll send off a $10.00 Starbucks Gift Card for attending the quick web-demo – just in time for the gifting season!


If you’re not quite ready to review this program, no worries. We’ve been around for 50 years. We can wait and we promise the coffee will be fresh when the time comes for your business to review this great tool.

Client and a Friend

David Gozalez - DataTel FriendWe are blessed to have fearless innovators  and brave souls who follow their dreams and
DataTel Boise Phones - Inovus Solarwork their tails off to change the world and make it better. Meet David Gonzalez – VP of Solutions at Inovus…he and his team are such people. Inovus ( has developed, patented and now deploys large outdoor lighting systems that basically consume no energy – only that provided by the sun. One style of their systems collects solar energy during the day then uses that at night. Another system actually takes the energy it collects during the day and returns it to the power grid offsetting the energy it uses at night. “Whether with our flexible solar collector wrapped around the pole or a panel on the top of the pole, Inovus provide everything customers expect from outdoor lighting – except for the power bill, infrastructure cost and CO2 pollution.” A leading local grocery chain and energy supplier (read between the lines – you’re probably correct) use Inovus systems.


DataTel is truly privileged to be trusted to provide the best processes and  communication tools that preserve capital expenditures – which is so critical to emerging technology companies. With three robust US patents and a brilliant concept and market plan, Inovus future is beyond bright.

Inovus Solar - DataTel Friend Business Phones Boise

Know Your DataTel(er)

DataTel Boise VoIP -  Phil PickettPhil Pickett is one of our senior sales persons (did that come out right?). Phil was born in Idaho Falls, graduated from Idaho State (Go Bengals!) with a business degree and got into sales working with his father in the pharmaceutical market. Later, after their company was acquired by Merck, he was given the option of transferring to Stockton, CA or keeping his kids in their school. The kids stayed put and “Phil the Phone Guy” came to be. For over two decades Phil has sold phones and solutions all over the Valley. In fact, if you stood on the east side of Nampa with a baseball, you could throw it and hit a business that Phil has served. And you could do this all the way into and past Caldwell. Seriously.


Phil is married to the lovely Kathy and has four children, thirteen grandkids, and  zero wall space in his office. When asked the biggest change in his sales career,  Mr. Pickett observed two: Loyalty and speed. “People are still loyal, but they  move so much more than they used to.” This is true. It is also true that Phil’s  steadfast, respectful and compassionate work within the industry and area has made him and DataTel Communications countless friends and clients. No matter where they may go.


We are your one-stop/really smart communication solution.


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