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Mitel 5212 IP PhoneDual-port, dual mode, enterprise-class IP Phone with speakerphone, multi-line display and user-programmable access to features and applications , provides intuitive user access to sophisticated call handling and converged applications
Mitel 5224 IP PhoneDual-port, dual mode, enterprise-class IP phone with multi-line display, full duplex handsfree operation, context sensitive softkeys, and XML support for applications development.
Mitel 5235 IP PhoneFull-feature enterprise-class telephone with a large, backlit touch-screen providing users with real-time access to applications and services such as web browsing, directory management and visual voice mail.
Mitel 5303 Conference PhoneFull-featured, non-proprietary analog conference phone quickly plugs into any telephone wall jack or standard office telephone system.
Mitel Networks 5207 IP PhoneCost-effective, entry-level handsfree speaker phone that offers backlit display and multiple line appearances.
Mitel Networks 5215 IP PhoneDual-port, enterprise-class IP, Speaker Phone with multi-line, backlit display and multiple programmable feature keys.
Mitel Networks 5220 IP PhoneFeature-rich, dual port enterprise-class IP Phone with multi-line, multi-button display, programmable feature keys, context sensitive softkeys and hands-free operation.
Mitel Networks 5230 IP ApplianceWeb-enabled IP appliance that fully integrates the PDA to provide unparalleled desktop integration and location transparency across the network.
Mitel Networks 5240 IP ApplianceWeb-enabled IP Appliance with 320 x 240 HTML display delivers one-touch access to advanced applications and services.
Mitel Networks 5310 IP Conference PhoneFull-duplex IP boardroom conference phone features exclusive acoustic beam forming technology to eliminate ambient room noise and sidebar conversations.
Mitel Networks 5550 IP ConsoleAdvanced PC-based IP console and administration application with intuitive Graphical User Interface that includes screen-based call status and call handling prompts.

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