Contact Center Enterprise Edition

Mitel Contact Center Enterprise Edition is changing the way contact centers operate. Designed for the highly sophisticated contact center market, Contact Center Enterprise Edition supports all forms of communications including voice, email, web chat, and fax. This scalable, resilient, virtual solution combines robust Mitel IP communications platforms, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software, and a modular suite of feature-rich, web-based applications designed to measure and manage contact center performance. With Mitel Contact Center Enterprise Edition, your business can offer customers unparalleled service, while streamlining contact center operations and optimizing agent productivity.

More and more contact centers are becoming the primary interface for customer reach into an organization, whether it is by phone, email, or other methods of contact. Contact centers are transitioning from the role of cost center to profit center, to which a companys business success and revenue growth is inextricably tied. Enterprises are realizing that providing excellent service involves more than managing call handling times and abandon rates. They require seamless technologies that leverage existing infrastructure investments and deploy reliably over multiple sites with technologies that address opportunities to streamline operations and processes, and improve communications. Mitel Contact Center Enterprise Edition provides solutions that are virtual and resilient, and enable first contact resolution. Solutions that will exceed your expectations.

Contact Center Enterprise Edition is designed for customers who

  • Have sophisticated, formal contact centers
  • Want agents and supervisors to be able to work from home, the office, and other locations
  • Support email, web chat, and / or fax in addition to voice communications
  • Comprise multiple sites
  • Have more than 25 agents and / or five supervisors
  • Want to run comprehensive reports covering all media channels
  • View real-time statistics on desktop marquee for agents and supervisors
  • Identify and control callers in queue in real time
  • Operate in a virtual contact center environment
  • Demand a fault tolerant set up
  • Employ web call back
  • Forecast staffing requirements
  • Require agent workforce scheduling

Contact Center Enterprise Edition provides

  • Agent and supervisor mobility
  • Modular product components
  • Industry standard architecture
  • Delivers solutions in Microsoft® Excel® and Internet Explorer
  • Integration with CRM and eCommerce applications
  • A user interface available in multiple languages
Agent Portal (Mitel Networks) (CIce-9)Mitel Agent Portal is a screen pop application that co-ordinates the delivery of voice calls and relevant data screens to agent desktops.
Automatic Call Distribution (Mitel Networks) (CIce-1)Mitel Networks Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software is an integrated component to the switch that ensures customers are treated equitably and calls are routed efficiently.
Call Accounting (Mitel Networks) (CIce-10)Mitel Call Accounting is an add-on application to Mitel Contact Center Management that streamlines communication cost management. Call Accounting tracks and provides reports on your telephone system costs so you can manage your telephone expenses and activity effectively.
Contact Center PhoneSet Manager and Contact Center Softphone (Mitel Networks) (CIce-8)Mitel Contact Center Softphone provides complete phone set functionality from your computer desktop with intuitive visual point-and-click access to the advanced call management features of the 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP). A computer and USB headset deliver voice media to the agent.
Contact Center Scheduling & Schedule Adherence (Mitel Networks) (CIce-7)Mitel Contact Center Scheduling provides supervisors with forecasting and scheduling capabilities to optimize skill and labor requirements to align with their call traffic. Mitel Contact Center Schedule Adherence is an add-on application to Mitel Contact Center Scheduling that compares daily schedules to real-time information, and informs managers in real time of agents? adherence to their schedules.
Contact Center Screen Pop (Mitel) (CIce-2)Mitel Contact Center Screen Pop provides instant access to information, delivering caller and account details to employees as they receive calls.
Customer Relationship Management Integration (Mitel Networks) (CIce-11)Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration will integrate legacy, custom and / or new CRM applications into a contact center?s IT infrastructure and operations.
Intelligent Queue Enterprise Edition (Mitel Networks) (CIce-5)Mitel Intelligent Queue Enterprise Edition is an all-in-one, scalable, web-based integrated, voice processing solution that provides intelligent messaging, voice and web callbacks, call recording, enhanced routing, reporting capabilities, database verification, and screen pops when integrated with Mitel Agent Portal.
Interactive Contact Center and Interactive Visual Queue Enterprise Edition (Mitel Networks) (CIce-4)Mitel Interactive Contact Center Enterprise Edition allows dynamic control agents and queues, scheduled and on-the-fly. Mitel Interactive Visual Queue is an add-on application to Mitel Interactive Contact Center Enterprise Edition that provides call prioritization, allowing contact center supervisors and authorized agents to view calls within queues, dynamically control the status of ACD calls in queue, and change the answer point / priority of calls on demand.
Interactive Voice Response (Mitel Networks) (CIce-12)Mitel Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides comprehensive read / write access to customer database information based on unique identifier, or menu selections, designed to meet the specific needs of individual contact centers? business processes. Mitel IVR is fully customizable and offers speech recognition for menu traversal and text to speech playback of database information. Integration with several industry leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases is available.
Mitel Contact Center Management Enterprise Edition (Mitel Networks) (CIce-3)Mitel Contact Center Management Enterprise Edition is a web-based, multi-site contact center management solution that provides advanced capabilities for historical reporting, real-time monitoring, and forecasting for all agents and supervisors, regardless of where they are geographically located, using all manner of communications media: voice, email, web chat and fax.
Multimedia Contact Center (Mitel Networks) (CIce-6)Mitel Multimedia Contact Center is an advanced multimedia routing solution that routes emails, web chats and faxes to the longest idle agent or preferred agent (recognizes the agent who handled this customer previously) and enables multimedia historical reporting, real-time monitoring and forecasting.
Outbound Dialing (Mitel Networks) (CIce-13)Mitel Outbound Dialing is an automated dialing solution that is available as either preview or predictive dialing.
Remote Agents (Mitel Networks) (CIce-14)The Mitel Teleworker Solution is an optional module that supports remote agents with complete access to voice and data capabilities that colleagues inside a contact center enjoy at the office

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