Customer Interaction Solutions

Customers can make or break your organization. Your contact center provides an introduction to your organization, and customers will make decisions about the efficiency, politeness, and accuracy of your organization based on the performance of your contact center. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make your contact center work for you, with Mitel Customer Interaction Solutions.




Having the right contact center solution can drive your customer service level to new heights and add to your profitability. The results are immediate customer gratification, enhanced customer loyalty, and ultimately, increased customer spending.

Market share

An efficiently managed, proactive, and customer-focused contact center offers powerful, compelling business advantages that can have a dramatic and positive impact on your market share.

Competitive advantages

Helping your customer service representatives answer customer inquiries more quickly and efficiently than your competitors is the key competitive advantage of Mitel Customer Interaction Solutions.

Evolving contact center needs

As your customer base grows and your contact center needs change, Mitel solutions provide the flexibility to integrate increasingly sophisticated capabilities while maintaining high service levels.

Cost-effective investment protection

Mitel Customer Interaction Solutions builds onto your existing Microsoft infrastructure to further protect your investment. Mitel solutions are modular, so you can add applications as your needs dictate. Mitel solutions offer the most economical total cost of ownership and an immediate return on investment that is measurable, sustainable and affordable.

Customer acquisition and retention

Excellence in customer service is required of today’s contact centers. Mitel IP communications solutions provide a contact center infrastructure designed to empower your customers, leading to greater customer retention and acquisition, and ongoing business success.

Customer loyalty

Providing excellent products and prompt service is critical to earning customer loyalty. Loyalty is built by resolving customer issues on the first call. Mitel Customer Interaction Solutions equips agents with enabling tools – such as presence information – so they can quickly resolve issues and establish a true connection with customers. Mitel Customer Interaction Solutions equips agents with information to identify and serve customers immediately upon contact arrival.

Business continuity

How well is your company protected against the impact of disasters like pandemics, fires, and blackouts? Mitel provides solutions that ensure your contact center avoids single points of failure, and can recover from disaster quickly. Mitel provides you with the potential to quickly failover to alternate contact center locations, and provide agents with the ability to work from home in the event of a disaster.

No two contact centers are alike

Businesses come in all sizes and their contact center requirements and capabilities vary greatly. This is why Mitel, a trusted provider of award-winning IP communications solutions, developed its Mitel Customer Interactions Solutions set. A highly flexible, two-tiered offering, the set is comprised of Contact Center Enterprise Edition – for highly sophisticated large scale contact centers – and Contact Center Business Edition – for individual contact centers that have 25 or fewer agents. These contact center offerings provide organizations of any size with the flexibility to implement contact center solutions for their unique service requirements and provide a sophisticated, cost-effective competitive advantage for today and tomorrow.

Some of the Customer Interaction Solutions applications are well-suited to both types of contact centers. Contact Center Enterprise Edition provides support for large contact centers and additional features required of sophisticated contact centers.


Business Reporting ApplicationsMitel Customer Interaction Solutions help businesses meet and exceed the service level expectations of their customers while driving employee productivity and controlling operational costs. Whether you have a large,
Contact Center Business EditionMitel Contact Center Business Edition is designed for contact centers with 25 or fewer agents.
Contact Center Enterprise EditionMitel Contact Center Enterprise Edition is changing the way contact centers operate. Designed for the highly sophisticated contact center market, Contact Center Enterprise Edition supports all forms of communications including voice, email, web chat, and fax.
Formal Contact Center SolutionsMitel Customer Interaction Solutions help businesses meet and exceed the service level expectations of their customers while driving employee productivity and controlling operational costs. Whether you have a large,

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