Emergency Response Solutions

With an increased public awareness and heightened concerns over emergency call handling, enterprises and governments at all levels are required to address multi-line telephone system (MLTS) 911 call handling with greater efficiency. The requirements needed to comply with the E-911 legislative requirements can be summarized as the ability to:

  • Initiate and recognize a 911 call within the MLTS
  • Route the 911 calls externally to defined PSAP without interference of the call
  • Obtain a location identifier and call back telephone number from where the calls originated (through the PSAP)
  • Respond to a 911 call and dispatch Emergency Services to the exact location
  • Locate quickly the caller in distress within the premises from where the 911 call originated

These requirements translate into resilient and robust solutions that must:

  • Be cognizant of all telephone appliances locations and movements, which could be utilized to place a 911 call
  • Detect a 911 call and place it on the designated 911 reserved communication port(s)
  • Detect the origin of a 911 call within the building
  • Never intercept or interfere with the 911 call as it progresses to the outside network
  • Pass the necessary call information out to the PSAP for correlation of the call / caller information to an origin address and location
  • Deliver to the PSAP moves, adds and changes (MACs) information 24/7 at designated times
  • Provide facilities for access to call tracing
  • Provide capabilities for custom reporting of calls, transactions and updates to the PSAP

Mitel® is committed to enhancing emergency call handling and notification and has developed complete solutions addressing the needs for the small, medium and large enterprise. Mitel TDM and IP Telephony platforms combined with the Mitel Emergency Response Adviser deliver powerful, end-to-end emergency call handling solutions.

Call Accounting (Mitel Networks) (EMer-1)The Mitel Call Accounting solution combines robust communication platforms with a feature-rich, web-based application for streamlining communication cost management.
Inter-Tel System Manager (Mitel Networks) (EMer-2)Monitor, program, manage and diagnose your Inter-Tel 5000 or Inter-Tel Axxess system through a single, Web-based interface with System Manager software
Mitel Enterprise Manager (Mitel Networks) (EMer-3)Enterprise Manager is a suite of management tools that allow simple configuration, control and management of Mitel’s enterprise product portfolio. It allows access to multiple sites and systems from a single interface lowering business costs and increasing staff productivity.
Remote Management (Mitel Networks) (EMer-4)The Mitel 7100 Management Access Point is a gateway for remotely accessing, monitoring and servicing Mitel Integrated Communications Platforms (ICPs) and traditional PBX systems over public broadband and PSTN connections.

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