Integration with Microsoft UC

Dual Forking with Remote Call Control (Nortel Networks) (CCim-3)Dual forking with remote call control (RCC) is targeted at users who want the combination of using their Communicator client with a Mitel desk phone when in the office or at home (using a Mitel Teleworker Solution phone) and using Communicator as a SIP softphone when travelling or away from their desk phone.
Live Business Gateway (Mitel Networks) (CCim-1)Mitel Live Business Gateway extends enterprise communications
PC-to-Phone (Mitel Networks) (CCim-2)An end user can establish calls from a Microsoft Office Communicator client, acting as a basic SIP softphone, to or from a Mitel desk phone, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), or any other network-connected PBX. The term PC-to-Phone encompasses calls between PC to PSTN, Phone to PC, and PSTN to PC. This solution is typically used by mobile employees who do not have a desk phone but instead want to use the embedded SIP softphone capability within the Communicator 2007 client.

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