IP (Internet Protocol) Telephony, Meridian, Idaho

What is IP (Internet Protocol) telephony?

IP telephony is a software driven means of providing voice or multimedia communication by sending data
over the internet. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is the flagship of IP telephony. A VoIP telephone
gateway converts voice communications into pieces of data (packetizing), which is then sent over the IP
network or private Internet. Once the data reaches its destination, it is converted back into voice.

DataTel Communications is an industry leader in IP telephony with specialized internet software for your
ip telephony or voip needs. Whether you are located in Boise or Meridian, across Idaho or in multiple
locations nationwide we are your number one choice for quality network solutions. Let us show you how
to use IP telephony such as VoIP (voice over internet protocol) to improve your business.

Is IP telephony internet software more cost effective than my current traditional phone?

  • Using VoIP as your IP telephony solution with our internet software significantly
    reduces the cost of long distance calling.
  • IP telephony accomplishes the integration of voice and data networks with
    internet software which reduces or eliminates the costs for moves, adds, and
  • You can utilize your existing hardware using VoIP.
  • IP telephony is software driven and thus supports a robust set of applications and
    devices, enabling your employees to work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Communicate with employees or partners in remote locations, by using VoIP internet software with videoconferencing, to reduce business travel expenses.

Is IP telephony/VoIP reliable?

VoIP system internet software allows consistent communication services to all your
employees. Workers located in Boise, Meridian, or at other branch offices across Idaho, will
have reliable consistent access to all their telecommunication needs. VoIP systems use
software to allow retrieval of faxes and voicemail messages via the internet to your computer
or wireless devices. Ease of use and extremely reliable; that is IP telephony.

DataTel Communications is a leader in the IP telephony world. Using VoIP through a managed
and/or internet software solution we can create a powerful communication system, connecting
your entire organization to new levels of productivity, information exchange, and profitability. Call
today and let us help you enhance your communication system using IP Telephony internet software.

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