IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Meridian and Boise, Idaho

What is an IVR System?

IVR is a telephony technology allowing users to interact with a database using their phone keypad
or voice commands through an automated interactive telephone information system.

How can Interactive Voice Response help my business here in the Boise and Meridian, Idaho area?

Can IVR reduce costs?

    • An interactive voice response system or IVR allows your business to increase call volume
      without increasing the number of (expensive) human agents required to take those calls.
    • Lets face it, it costs you money when an agent is ill or underperforming. Let an interactive
      voice response system
      minimize the workload and stress for your personnel, enhancing
      customer service. Happy agents have greater productivity and efficiency leading to more
      money in the company pocket by using an IVR system.
    • Increase the size of your phone presence. Public perception is important. The IVR system will
      help build your organization’s professional appearance – regardless of the size of your
      company. You can have a big phone presence for very little cost with your own Interactive
      Voice Response system.

How does Interactive Voice Response improve Customer Service?

    • An IVR system allows customers to access vital services, data, and information 24 hours a day,
      7 days a week.
  • Employees can have preliminary information, collected from customers by the Interactive
    Voice Response System
    , screen popped to them once the call is connected. This reduces the
    volume of information that needs to be requested by the agent, decreasing call duration and
    hold times and increasing response rates with the IVR.

Interactive Voice Response Systems have become a much sought after solution for busy companies in the
Boise and Meridian, Idaho area and across the country. Whether you have a need to decrease no-shows,
increase past-due account collection, pre-register your patients or offer post-consultation care, DataTel
Communications helps you do all this and more automatically with an IVR system. We offer three options
of patient messaging all with the mission of making your office run more profitably, efficiently and
effectively with our Interactive Voice Response systems.

Call DataTel Communications today! We can review your application needs and help you determine if
there is an IVR system that is right for your business. (Click here.)

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