Mitel IP-DECT System (Global)

Mitel 5602 Wireless Phone (5602)This compact wireless phone is designed specifically for the busy office environment (hospitality, retail, etc); offering a full range of features and accessories at an attractive price.
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Mitel 5606 Wireless Phone and Mitel 5606 (Alarm) Wireless Phone (5606)These robust wireless phones are designed specifically for healthcare and industrial environment as well as for environments where security and safety are of concern.
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Mitel IP-DECT Basestations (IP-DECT)The IP-DECT Basestations are deployed over the LAN, integrating directly with the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) to provide wireless access to mobile users within the desired coverage area.
Mitel Wireless Services Messaging Gateway (Mitel Wireless Services Messaging Gateway)Utilizing the Wireless Services Messaging (WSM) gateway, the wireless phones can function as two-way messaging and alarming devices

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