PBX (Private Branch Exchange), Boise and Meridian, Idaho

A PBX system is a device that connects your business telephone system to the public switched
telephone network (PSTN). Traditionally, a PBX system is used to route incoming calls to the
appropriate extension in an office, sharing phone lines between extensions and reducing the total
number of business telephone lines that must be leased from the telephone company.

What is a Virtual PBX?

With the explosion of IP technologies, it is inevitable that the integration of PBX with VoIP (Voice
over Internet Protocol)
telephony would occur. Thus the virtual PBX system (also called an IP PBX) was born. Using a virtual PBX system and VoIP telephone service, voice and data networks
are integrated into a single business system to reduce costs, and improve functionality.

The virtual PBX system is software based which leads to worry free scalability and robust features. A
virtual PBX replaces the PBX you use for your business landline calls. However, the IP PBX is also able to
connect to traditional PSTN lines via an optional gateway as well as VoIP.

What are the benefits of a virtual PBX system with VoIP?

  • This system is fully scalable. Add new VoIP phones to your business network quickly and
  • A virtual PBX with VoIP allows your business to keep its regular phone numbers.
  • Reduces business costs by using a VoIP provider for long distance calls.
  • A virtual PBX system eliminates phone wiring making it possible for your employees to
    work in Boise, Meridian or any location in Idaho.
  • Using VoIP virtual phone numbers your business presence can be established in any

How do I know if a virtual Private Branch Exchange system with VoIP is right for my business?

Our business system solutions are designed to meet your particular requirements. If a more
traditional Private Branch Exchange feature set is needed, we have the solution. Do you need
VoIP at the core with virtual, co-located, capabilities… we can design and implement that solution
too. Hybrid, advanced features and solutions, are simple and easy. You tell us what your needs
are and we will design a communications platform using the latest Private Branch Exchange and
VoIP technologies just for you and your business. Call DataTel Communications today for a free

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