Superset 5000/ 5200 IP Desktop Headsets

Ergonomic headsets that plug directly into Superset 4000 telephones enabling users to enjoy increased mobility at the desktop.

Expand Superset telephone and console functionality with headsets, expansion and data modules.

Mitel Networks Headsets by Plantronics

Specially designed for Mitel Networks, these headsets plug directly into the dedicated interface jack provided on the Superset 4000 digital telephones and the 5000 and 5200 series IP phones. The jack is designed with unique circuitry for headset amplification with volume control enabled through the telephone volume control keys. User mobility is improved through a quick disconnect plug that allows users to move away from the telephone while on a call, without removing the headset.

Expansion Modules

Adding 12, 48 or even 96 more programmable keys to Mitel Networks Superset 4000 series telephone sets and consoles is simple with the Superset programmable key module and interface module. The interface module also allows for the simultaneous connection and use of a compatible Superset 4000 series telephone and an analog telephone or other device on a single DNIC port, saving valuable system ports for future expansion or alternate use.

Data Functionality

The Superset 4000 series includes special data peripherals that provide additional system RS-232 ports to support a wide range of applications over the telephone system.


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