Mitel Networks 5220 IP Phone

Feature-rich, dual port enterprise-class IP Phone with multi-line, multi-button display, programmable feature keys, context sensitive softkeys and hands-free operation.

Designed for the enterprise power-user, Mitel Networks 5220 IP phone provides robust features and functionality needed for today?s progressive enterprise professional. The 5220 IP Phone is dual port with a multi-line display and provides users fast and easy access to the features and applications enabled by Mitel Networks Integrated Communications Platforms.

The 5220 IP Phone is designed for users within the enterprise that require an expanded range of programmable features.

Mitel Networks 5220 IP Phone provides such features as:

* Hands-free operation (half duplex speakerphone)

* 2-line, 20-character backlit display

* 3 Context sensitive softkeys for feature-set customization

* 14 programmable multi-function keys with dual color LED indicators (for speed dialing, broadcast groups, line appearances, feature access)

* 8 function keys: Hold, Superkey for feature access, Message, Speaker, Microphone, Transfer/Conference, shift, Redial,Cancel

* Modules Support for IrDA, PKMs and Conference Units

* Dedicated headset jack

* Speed calling

* Setting up conference calls

* Direct Paging

* Off Hook Voice Announce

* Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Agent and Supervisor support

* Customizable center panel

* Wall Mountable

* Expansion Modules

* Multipel Powering Options (802.3af Compliant)

* Web Browser desktop configuration tool


Mitel Networks 5220 IP Phone


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