Mitel Networks 5230 IP Appliance

Web-enabled IP appliance that fully integrates the PDA to provide unparalleled desktop integration and location transparency across the network.

The Mitel Networks 5230 IP Appliance builds on the company’s market leadership at the IP desktop to seamlessly blend the wired and wireless world for the user. With the 5230 IP Appliance users now have the ability to dock their HP iPAQ directly into the phone. This provides immediate hot synch capabilities and allows users to have location transparency within the network. Users can associate any workstation as their own, as once the PDA is docked all user preferences are transferred to that workstation. In addition users can also benefit from new Windows CE-based desktop applications such as portable voice mail and dial by address book.

The 5230 IP Appliance is targeted towards the mobile workforce who regularly use PDA?s to store and transfer information.


Mitel Networks 5230 IP Appliance provides such features as:

* Built-in speakerphone

* Hands-free operation

* 2-line, 20-character backlit display

* Context sensitive softkeys for feature-set customization

* On hook dial

* Microphone, transfer/conference, hold, message, cancel keys

* Speed calling

* Transferring calls

* Setting up conference calls


Mitel Networks 5230 IP Appliance


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