BTpp-2 Superconsole1000 Attendant Console (Mitel Networks)

Superconsole 1000 Attendant Console

Full-featured PC-based attendant console with LCD display.

Mitel’s console family ranges from entry-level to the highly advanced, including a Microsoft Windows-based PC attendant console that supports point-and-click call handling, built-in directory and full PC screen display of key call handling information. They are available as standalone consoles or integrated PC-based console applications.


Mitel Superconsole 1000 attendant consoles are feature-rich and user friendly.  The intuitive user interface and ergonomic design allow operators to efficiently handle calls and answer the front desk and customer service needs of any business.

The Superconsole 1000 is a practical, multi-use console for Mitel SX-200 and SX-2000 PBX business telephone systems. It can be used as an attendant console, a sub-attendant position for departments or workgroups, and as a back-up answering position.


  • High visibility, adjustable 4-line x 80 character backlit display
  • Ergonomic handset and compact footprint
  • Two integrated headset/handset jacks
  • Combination of softkeys and fixed function keys including up to 9 line keys with descriptive labels
  • Programmable macro keys for automating frequent multi-keystroke attendant operations including transferring calls to voice mail and canceling accidental releases to wrong extensions
  • Eight call hold positions
  • Direct connection of the PKM 48, eliminating the need for the second DNIC port for the DSS/BLF unit
  • Access to integrated Mitel hospitality functionality including room status and automatic wake-up call
  • Can be used as a maintenance console for troubleshooting, report generation, traffic measurement

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