Mitel Quick Conference (Mitel Networks)

Quick Conference provides a simple, flexible and scalable audio conferencing solution for small, medium or large-sized businesses.

Quick Conference is the perfect solution for connecting people together quickly to solve a business problem, manage a sales team or organize a project meeting.

With Quick Conference, there is no need to book a conference call. Just take advantage of the flexibility of simple “ad hoc” conferencing. Users can set up conference calls “on the fly” from any location at any time, without operator assistance. Simply dial into the conference bridge from any location to join or initiate a conference call. Users initiating a conference call can even select their own conference ID (bridge) for simplicity and ease of use.

Quick Conferences low cost and ease-of-use will encourage businesses to conduct more conferences and take advantage of increased collaboration opportunities among employees, customers and partners.

Mitel Quick Conference supports up to 200 audio channels that can be used in any combination, such as two conference calls with 100 participants, or four conference calls, each with 50 participants, etc.

If you currently outsource your requirements for conferencing and collaboration, Quick Conference solves the high cost barriers to bringing this functionality in-house. Either as a stand-alone conferencing unit or in conjunction with the Mitel Your Assistant solution, it provides a complete conferencing and collaboration solution.

Mitel Quick Conference Value Proposition


Conferences can be assembled in an instant, allowing you to conduct business with colleagues, suppliers and remote staff, regardless of where they are or what time of day or night it is.


Its as easy to access as dialling another extension. All you need is a telephone number and a conference ID. Its fully automated – no operators or advanced scheduling are necessary.


The number of participants in a conference call can scale in line with your specific meeting requirements. The solution scales cost-effectively from eight to 200 ports.


The solutions ease of use and flexibility will lead to increased conferencing and collaboration opportunities with colleagues, customers and suppliers, leading to improved productivity within your business.


If you have regular face-to-face meetings, you can make these more effective by using audio conference calls between meetings to monitor progress.


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