Mitel Call Accounting (Juniper Networks)

Mitel Call Accounting enables you to monitor and control telecommunications costs so that you can manage your telephony expenses and activity effectively.

Mitel Call Accounting is a comprehensive call costing solution that is available as either a single site or multi-site solution, and can optionally be integrated with Mitel Contact Center Management. Robust and reliable, it enables you to monitor and control telecommunication costs and give you a true picture of how much money is being spent and who is spending it.

Call Accounting enables you to:

    • Monitor usage and establish call patterns for departments and work groups
    • Track, report and control telecommunication costs
    • Perform cost recovery and carrier bill reconciliation
    • Know if costs are excessive because employees are sharing toll free lines, calling restricted numbers, or calling their friends long distance

Two optional modules are available with Call Accounting:

    • Mitel Subscriber Services – enables you to charge back departments, employees and customers using markup or discount pricing
    • Mitel Traffic Analysis – helps you to determine if you are using your incoming, outgoing, and bi-directional trunks efficiently


With Call Accounting you will be able to:

    • Incorporate data from multiple telephone systems to get the “big picture”
    • Manage call flow and schedule staff when they are needed
    • Know the distribution of telecommunication costs across departments and work groups and verify carrier bills
    • Know the availability of your employees, who they are speaking with, and how long they have been talking
    • Resolve misuse of the telephone system
    • Produce flexible rate tables that are tailored to the organization

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