Mitel Contact Center Management Business Edition (Mitel Networks)

Mitel Contact Center Management Business Edition is a web-based, single-site contact center management solution that provides historical voice reporting and real-time monitoring for agents and supervisors, regardless of where they are geographically located. Mitel Traffic Analysis, an add-on application to Mitel Contact Center Management Business Edition, provides detailed reporting to help optimize your trunk configuration.

Managers and supervisors require detailed information on the performance of resources such as queues and agents. They need to know what has happened and what is happening, and readily share this information with others in the organization. To determine the right balance between the agents scheduled and the service provided to customers, you need a systematic planning and management strategy and the right management information system software package.

Contact Center Management Business Edition provides a comprehensive browser-based application set for real-time monitoring and reporting. Sophisticated real-time monitoring for tracking agent and queue statistics from the single agent level to center-wide activities enable your supervisors to see the big picture as well as the smaller details of contact center performance. Advanced reporting capabilities enable you to review and analyze contact center performance.

Contact Center Management provides:

    • Comprehensive reporting
    • Personal report inboxes
    • Supervisor and agent real-time displays
    • Online chat between supervisors and agents
    • Playback of historical data
    • Database administration
    • Data mining

Contact Center Management Business Edition provides contact center supervisors with advanced management tools to:

    • Respond to changing contact center volume levels as they occur
    • Monitor and respond to agent performance
    • Capture detailed and accurate information on contact center performance levels and readily share this information with others
    • Coach and motivate agents to ensure effective service and develop skills
    • Easily manage and configure databases and control access to contact center application resources to ensure security of operations

Mitel Contact Center Business Edition currently integrates with Microsoft® Live Communications Server 2005 and will be certified with Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 in the near future. Contact centers that utilize these tools can integrate with the Contact Center Management application to give agents the ability to see the real-time presence of both internal and external product experts. Agents can right-click a product expert and send an instant message providing first contact resolution to callers!

Mitel Traffic Analysis is an add-on application to Mitel Contact Center Management Business Edition that provides an overall view of trunk traffic with trunk, route and resource reports. The information helps you to maintain the optimum resources to meet your customer service objectives with effective configuration, in order to be as cost-effective as possible.

Mitel Teleworker Solution Release 4.5 works with Mitel desktop phones, Mitel Contact Center Management, Mitel Contact Center PhoneSet Manager, and Mitel Contact Center Softphone to provide remote agents with access to the voice and data capabilities used by their colleagues inside the contact center. Mitel Teleworker Solution Release 4.5 enables Customer Interaction Solutions real-time functions to be run from any remote computer without the use of a virtual private network (VPN): home-based and remote users can view real-time monitors and enable alarming, answer or forward calls, and perform other telephony functions from their desktops.


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