Intelligent Queue Business Edition (Mitel Networks)

Mitel Intelligent Queue Business Edition is an all-in-one, scalable, web-based integrated, voice processing solution that provides intelligent messaging, voice callbacks, enhanced routing, reporting capabilities, database verification, and screen pops when integrated with Mitel Agent Portal.

Increasing call volumes inevitably means callers spend more time in queue, leading to frustration, abandoned calls and lost opportunities. As a result, contact centers need tools that enable them to intelligently handle and retain callers in queue, provide them with flexible alternatives to waiting in queue, and send them to the agents best qualified to handle their requests.

Mitel Intelligent Queue Business Edition is an all-in-one, scalable, browser-based voice processing solution for contact centers. Intelligent Queue provides incoming call handling, intelligent messaging (announcements), call detail reporting, music on hold, advanced routing options, database verification, Network Monitor alarm integration, G729 compression support, and screen pops (screen pops are available when integrated with Mitel Agent Portal).

Intelligent Queue Business Edition enable supervisors and managers to rapidly and intuitively:

    • Create and serve announcements to callers in queue
    • Provide callers with position in queue and expected wait time messaging
    • Provide callers with voice read back
    • Provide callers with time of day / day of week / day of year or queue-conditional messaging
    • Guide callers to the information, extension or path that best meets their needs
    • Enable customers to request a queued callback via voice mail
    • Route calls based on the number they are calling from, time of day, or current queue conditions
    • Report on the Intelligent Queue activity

Remote database verification and advanced routing enables contact centers to route preferred customers to priority queues or extensions. They can improve the customer experience with advanced digit programming – this provides efficient call routing through input such as called number, calling number or user-collected digits. The digits can be compared to a database and based on the result, a new action is automatically selected – examples are: route the call elsewhere, play a message, re-route to an interactive tree.

The end result is that Intelligent Queue Business Edition provides contact centers with advanced capabilities that:

    • Keep customers informed
    • Manage caller expectations for a more positive experience
    • Match callers with the most appropriate agent group based on a range of factors
    • Provide callers with flexible contact alternatives to waiting in queue
    • Provide premium service to premium customers
    • Meet service level commitments
    • Understand call flows from the customers’ perspective

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