Call Accounting (Mitel Networks)

Mitel Contact Center Softphone provides complete phone set functionality from your computer desktop with intuitive visual point-and-click access to the advanced call management features of the 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP). A computer and USB headset delivers voice media to the agent.

The greatest cost for contact centers is labor costs. Mitel Contact Center Phone Set Manager and Mitel Contact Center Softphone are add-on applications to Mitel Contact Center Management that streamline call handling by enabling employees to use their desktop computers as IP-based phones. Contact Center Phone Set Manager automates Mitel phone sets from computer desktops. Contact Center Softphone provides complete phone set functionality. Designed with agent productivity in mind, both soft phone applications provide intuitive point-and-click functionality, and save agents time with a configurable user interface, advanced short cut key functionality, and pre-programmed call forward destinations. Users can optimize desktop real-estate: all functions are available from the system tray menu.

With integrated real-time and online presence, Contact Center Phone Set Manager and Contact Center Softphone enable employees to quickly locate available experts, avoid blind transfers and callbacks, and enable first contact resolution.

Contact Center Phone Set Manager and Contact Center Softphone provide advanced capabilities that:

    • Provide ACD agent functions (log in, set Do Not Disturb, set Make Busy) in addition to basic hard phone functions
    • Automate common agent actions and significantly increases efficiency and productivity
    • Avoid blind transfers and call backs, and facilitate first contact resolution
    • Fit seamlessly with Mitel Customer Interaction Solutions to provide:
        • Single-point configuration and administration
        • Integrated real-time presence
      • Enhanced call control
    • With integrated real-time and online presence viewing the real-time activities of team members to see who is available for a transfer or conference agents can make informed decisions when handling customers.

In addition, Contact Center Softphone provides:

    • Personal pre-announcement greetings based on the queue, time of day and day of week
    • Access to familiar Super key and Phonebook menus of Mitel IP phones
    • Integrated speaker and microphone volume controls
    • Integration with GN 8120 USB-to-headset adaptor for fingertip call control: pick up, hang up, swamp, retrieve, mute, and hold calls by pressing buttons on the headset adaptor

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