Remote Agents (Mitel Networks)

The Mitel Teleworker Solution is an optional module that supports remote agents with complete access to voice and data capabilities that colleagues inside a contact center enjoy at the office

Imagine, if you could, efficiently extending the full voice and data capabilities enjoyed by agents in your contact center, to the agents working at home or remotely. You could grow your contact center beyond the limits of its current facilities without increasing overhead – or eliminate the physical center altogether. You could offer agents the option of working at home without the need, expense or hassle of a daily commute. You could recruit new agents from outside your geographic area of operation without requiring them to relocate. And you could retain the services of skilled agents who move away from your operation due to relocation. Imagine all that, and you begin to get a very real picture of the benefits your operation / agents could enjoy with the Mitel Teleworker Solution.

Teleworker Solution is an IP-based solution that supports remote agents with complete access to the voice and data capabilities enjoyed by their colleagues inside the contact center.  All a remote agent needs to be a fully integrated member of the contact center team is a Mitel IP Phone, a PC, a home router, and a high-speed Internet connection.

A simple plug-and-work solution, the agent merely plugs the IP phone to their home router that is in front of their high-speed connection, attach their PC into the phone, launch the PC-based VPN client, and the system does all the rest – establishing a secure connection over the Internet back to the contact center.


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