Customer Relationship Management Integration (Mitel Networks)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration will integrate legacy, custom and / or new CRM applications into a contact centers IT infrastructure and operations.

Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables you to know your customers intimately and use that business intelligence to deliver better products and services, improve customer service, and increase sales opportunities.

CRM software allows you to shorten sales cycles and improve customer loyalty by automating day-to-day tasks and improving contact interactions in sales, customer service, field service and marketing departments.

A Mitel Customer Interaction solution can be integrated with a business Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. CRM Integration enables contact center agents to be immediately presented with call-related customer historical information, thus allowing agents to resolve an incoming call quickly and efficiently, and allowing agents to make direct notes regarding that call into the CRM application.

Integration can be performed into an off-the-shelf recognized third-party application, a unique legacy system, or a customized application. Mitel CRM is tightly integrated with other elements of the portfolio, such as Mitel Agent Portal and Mitel Interactive Voice Response applications.


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