Outbound Dialing (Mitel Networks)

Mitel Outbound Dialing is an automated dialing solution that is available as either preview or predictive dialing.

Mitel Outbound Dialing enables businesses to efficiently conduct outbound call center tasks, such as marketing campaigns and sales follow-up. The Outbound Dialing application offers automated dialing that delivers calls direct to agents, maximizing resource use and productivity. Agents remain productive during their shift, as outbound dialing can be used to level out inbound traffic peaks and valleys with outbound dialing tasks.

Mitel Outbound Dialing can be configured for either Preview or Predictive dialing. 

Mitel Outbound Preview Dialing is ideal when agents need to review information about the contact prior to calling. Preview dialing pulls information from a database about the person to be called, and presents that information to an available agent prior to the agent initiating dialing.

Preview Dialing application helps to ensure calls are made fairly, ensures the agent is informed about the purpose of the call before connecting, and saves time on manual dialing.

Mitel Outbound Predictive Dialing is ideal for companies with lists of outbound calls to make in mass volumes, without the need to know the specifics about the person to be called. Mitels Predictive Dialing application ensures calls are made according to campaign goals, while experiencing significant savings due to the efficiency gained by having the system dialing and only live calls being delivered to available agents.


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