Contact Center Screen Pop (Mitel)

Mitel Contact Center Screen Pop provides instant access to information, delivering caller and account details to employees as they receive calls.

To serve customers efficiently, contact center employees need to know who is calling, the customer’s call history, and pertinent account details. When an employee receives a call, Mitel Contact Center Screen Pop immediately displays the caller’s name and number (ANI), and the toll free number the caller dialed (DNIS). It can also display a trace report that indicates the number of times the caller called in the past week, whom the caller spoke with, and the duration of the calls. With Contact Center Screen Pop, employees can quickly identify customers and the services they are requesting, and view and update database records.

Contact Center Screen Pop displays caller and account information based on incoming call parameters. With Mitel Intelligent Queue verified collected digits, Contact Center Screen Pop can also display caller entered digits, such as account numbers. The caller avoids having to repeat information, and the employee has pertinent information at hand to provide efficient service. Contact Center Screen Pop can work with any data source to launch applications or Web pages when calls arrive. When integrated with a third-party application or Web page, Contact Center Screen Pop can launch database information and forms, so employees can readily verify and update records. This reduces the cost per interaction and improves service levels.

Contact Center Screen Pop delivers customer information to employee desktops so employees can:

    • Identify callers by their names and phone numbers; by digits they enter, such as account numbers*; and by the numbers they dial to reach your business
    • Retain caller identification information when calls are transferred between employees
    • View a trace report Web page that details customer call history over the past week
    • Leverage their existing CRM databases
    • View records in a CRM database upon call arrival
    • Create a Microsoft® Outlook® contact journal entry

*Requires Mitel Intelligent Queue collect caller entered digits


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