Contact Center Scheduling & Schedule Adherence (Mitel Networks)

Mitel Contact Center Scheduling provides supervisors with forecasting and scheduling capabilities to optimize skill and labor requirements to align with their call traffic. Mitel Contact Center Schedule Adherence is an add-on application to Mitel Contact Center Scheduling that compares daily schedules to real-time information, and informs managers in real time of agents? adherence to their schedules.

With personnel costs representing upwards of 65 percent of contact center budgets, effective scheduling is critical to controlling costs. Scheduling too many agents can unnecessarily increase costs. Scheduling too few agents can result in customer dissatisfaction. In addition, supervisors need to know what their agents are doing in relation to what is scheduled, so they can quickly identify instances of non-adherence and respond before service levels are jeopardized.

Mitel Contact Center Scheduling integrates with Mitel Contact Center Management Enterprise Edition and its forecasting capabilities to enable supervisors to:

    • Schedule agents to meet forecasted activity levels on a shift, daily, weekly and monthly basis
    • Ensure the right number of agents with the right skills are always available to meet contact center service levels
    • Adjust schedules on the fly based on changing conditions – reduce costs and payroll expenses by avoiding unnecessary scheduling and scheduling conflicts
    • Plan and track training, meetings, vacations and sick leave with sophisticated accrual-based leave planning
    • Report on schedules and payroll rates
    • Reduce the administrative time required for manual scheduling
    • Increase employee morale and reduce turnover by offering flexible and consistent schedules

Mitel Schedule Adherence is an add-on application to Mitel Contact Center Scheduling that enables supervisors to build adherence parameters from scheduled events including start of shift, breaks, lunches, jobs and end of shift, and associate them to ACD contact center events. An example would be associating an agents start of shift to a login event on a phone.

With Schedule Adherence, supervisors can ensure agents are performing their on-phone and off-phone duties as scheduled in Contact Center Scheduling. Schedule Adherence tells them:

    • What percent of agents have adhered to their daily scheduled tasks
    • Which agents are not adhering to the schedule
    • Which agent has been out of adherence for the longest time
    • If agents are in the right queues at the right times
    • The average adherence percentage for the group

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