All levels of government face the increasing pressures of improving client services while enhancing responsiveness and security for their constituents. These factors coupled with the need to optimize infrastructure place increasing importance on the need for effective communications.

Improved customer service is at the forefront of the agenda for all levels of government. However, achieving excellence in customer service is a challenge for most government organizations, as they aim to provide services across multiple disciplines. Departments often act as separate business units, using disparate systems, meaning communications are complex and disjointed. The result is poor customer service, as callers are often required to dial several numbers before reaching the department or person they are looking for.

The Problem

* Multiple voice systems that don’t talk to one another

* Calls can’t be transferred, no connectivity between sites

* Lack of joined up services creates the perception of poor performance; people are expecting value from public services in return for their tax contributions

The Answer

* VoIP enables voice calls to be moved to the network

* Calls can be centralized to allow all sites to be connected, regardless of geographic location

* The flexibility of IP enables better interaction between the front and back office to ensure a seamless flow of information, facilitating a swift and successful resolution to an inquiry

Mitel® offers government the means to overcome these challenges and provide an efficient and effective means to communicate across diverse systems and to work with government clients to achieve co-ordinated customer service.

Mitel brings together the key components of an effective communications system that will enhance staff performance to ensure that a high quality of customer care can be delivered consistently and efficiently across all levels of government.

Mitel designs solutions suited to individual needs, enabling organizations to take the best approach that meets their unique communication requirements: from an incremental approach to call center implementation to provide teleworking tools for home and remote workers. Mitel designs innovative communications solutions that enhance responsiveness and the delivery of public services while keeping costs in check.


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