Inter-Tel Applications: IVR

Automate common communications to free your staff and provide information faster to your customers, partners and employees.

Automate common communications to free your staff and provide faster information to your customers, partners and employees. Mitel works with industry-leading software providers to offer you customized, cost-effective interactive voice response (IVR) solutions to enhance customer service and your operational efficiency. IVR applications can be used in any industry or market, enabling businesses to greet callers through a speech-enabled interface; validate their identity; direct them to the right resource; and automatically provide the information they seek. Some of the most popular processes for automation include customer requests for prescription refills, order status, account balances, product availability and service or support. Mitel can help you automate virtually any communication process, and offers proven expertise in developing IVR applications for auto dealerships, education and financial services institutions, government, health care, manufacturing and real estate operations.

Product Key Features

* Improve Customer Service: Callers have 24/7 access to critical information.

* Reduce Costs: Free staff from repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

* Provide Security: Biometric speaker verification restricts access to sensitive information.

* Automate Any Communications Process: Mitel can help you identify high-return opportunities and create effective applications customized for your business.

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Inter-Tel Applications IVR

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