Inter-Tel Contact Center Suite

Enhance the customer experience with multimedia applications, agent task automation and management tools to expedite and improve your call-handling capabilities. With additional Inter-Tel Connection Assistant® software, screen-pop customer information, easily access Web applications, and give employees greater control over handling and managing calls.

Enhance the customer experience and improve the efficiency and quality of your contact centers with a powerful customer relationship and business management tool. Inter-Tel Contact Center Suite gives your agents and staff powerful tools for handling and routing calls, e-mails, faxes and text messages from a standard PC, while providing your managers better insight into traffic and operations. Scalable to fit businesses of any size, the Inter-Tel Contact Center Suite is an ideal solution for optimizing a single large call center, coordinating operations across any number of distributed facilities, or within an individual department or workgroup.


# Better Call Handling: Intelligent call routing improves efficiency and accuracy, so calls get to the right person or department more quickly.

# More Informed Business Decisions: Monitor and record individual calls, analyze traffic patterns and track staffing with real-time and historical data combined with powerful and customizable reporting to provide better insight into service quality and operational efficiency.

# Reduced Staffing Costs: Fewer agents can handle more calls, and supervisors have better control over service quality and resource allocation.

# Better Customer Service: Integrated support for training, quality assurance and personalized service help to deliver a better overall caller experience.

# Advanced Capabilities: With additional features such as Inter-Tel Connection Assistant® software and CallViewer, you can integrate Inter-Tel Contact Center Suite with your in-house databases to provide a variety of advanced capabilities such as intelligent and automated call routing; automated screen pops of customer information, applications and/or Web pages; and the ability to attach notes to routed calls to provide critical information and context.



Inter-Tel Contact Center Suite

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